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  1. Look at the cowards

    Or this from the departed.
  2. Democrats are historically racist

    Oh you better get your "Ist" and "ISM" terms straight or Moto will rain down on you like Momo on a free sandwich.
  3. Look at the cowards

    A story my great aunt used to tell is about family members digging out a swamp down in Georgia. You see it was cheaper to hire Irish than Blacks because the Black people of the area had value (ie they knew farming) where as the Irish were expendable and Cheaper. A owner of a local bar in springfield has started a collection of antique signs that he displays in his pub "Irish Need Not Apply" plaques. What is surprising to me is many of them are not home made scribbles on a plank of wood but machine made stampings with complex paint schemes (ie mass produced).
  4. Look at the cowards

    I think one of the reasons I am soured to the Democrats is because of the Irish in Mass. The Irish became Democrats because the old guard of New England in general was Republican and pro blacks, Anti Slavery in their views. In time the Irish became politically powerful and corrupt (see Billy Bolger) but held onto their bigotry. Even today I would think South Boston is no place for a person of color.
  5. Look at the cowards

    I still say I have not met anyone more racist than my great uncle Bill. Even at a young age I knew his views. Having said that the Irish as a group were never given anything whatever they had they worked and fought for. They own Boston because they worked for it and in some cases stole it but it was never handed to them.
  6. In the end the content of the Wikileaks just proved the fears many had about Hillary and her marry band of cheats and thieves. Never really been anyone to dispute the content of the emails.
  7. Look at the cowards

    I am all for shouting the Nazis off I am just not for putting on a mask and picking up a baseball bat in order to dwindle their ranks. I am unwilling to trade white hoods for black scarves.
  8. Democrats are historically racist

    Let's talk about John Mason. In the small town of Windsor CT is a bronze statue of the man see link John Mason . Every year a small group of Indians make a journey up to the statue and splash it with red paint in order to symbolize his brutal treatment of the indigenous people of the area in which he explored. Is it better to keep the statue and atleast have a discussion about history or should it just be torn down and forgotten to the sands of time?
  9. Democrats are historically racist

    How long before your side starts to burn books?
  10. Look at the cowards

    Hockey goal tender?
  11. Look at the cowards

    Old Irishmen hate the blacks. I think it goes back to the days of Irish immigrants being of less value in general than their black laborer counterparts in the south and freed slaves of the north.
  12. "in the US, Hillary Clinton, the neoliberal arch-villain, lost" Do you believe this quote from your article ?
  13. Congressional Pensions. Yes or No

    Illinois and Connecticut seem to be having a tough time affording all the things you speak of.
  14. Your right Democrats being indicted is a common occurrence no real news.
  15. I am sure this will just blow over.