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  1. So Zip Connelly was innocent in your mind? Rico?
  2. Nothing new.
  3. Carlos Danger

    wall prediction

    I would say if Mexico gets stuck with refugees on their side of the Barrier we will see no more caravans from South America in the not to distant future.
  4. Carlos Danger

    Meme thread

    You would need to have a death wish as president to try and remove guns from the population by executive action.
  5. Yea and Obama said I could keep my doctor and my rates would go down.
  6. How many billions do we give Mexico in aid each year?
  7. Trump could start by getting the 3 billion in Federal funds back from California and it's failed high speed rail project.
  8. Carlos Danger


    Project much?
  9. Carlos Danger


    Can your family argue without moving their hands?
  10. The lefties were all sizing him up for a presidential run. Just goes to show how much of a problem TDS is.
  11. This is about the time the Obama administration would be putting the journalist in jail until he or she revealed their source.
  12. Carlos Danger


    Having spent some time in Germany I can say taken as a whole they can be quite frightening.
  13. Carlos Danger


    It is a miracle that the Israeli have not pushed out the Palestinians completely at this point. I think the Jews have a soft spot in their hearts for the Palestinians or they would have been sent packing years ago.
  14. Carlos Danger


    Like it is not bad enough we have the United Nations which takes up the task of complaining about Israel full time that now we have to endure the same side show in Congress.