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  1. Bontz

    clutch balance work

    Meh ... I tried already, but not sure if he got it (tried to e-mail him directly through the site). In the big picture, I'm not there enough to make it a high priority (for me), so it's not that big of a deal. But I will say, in a perfect world I'd be content being banned if Mr.Sled would see what a pile Brock really is and revoke his ability to ban people. I know for a fact I'm not the only one there to get banned for simply disagreeing with him.
  2. Bontz

    clutch balance work

    Hey Brock ... when you grow some balls, why don't you share my 2 posts that you deleted and then we can compare those to your lame ass response in that thread: Seems some don't like a discussion and to be disagreed with? (Had to delete) I don't like North Star and the way he acts on the internet plain and simple. His unprofessionalism is his OWN downfall. He's his own worst enemy. I could care less what products he sells as his bragging and dissing other companies is dispicable and not worth my time or many others. That's my opinion as many of you have yours and will purchase his stuff. We can disagree respectfully. As I said. Professional companies let the products speak for themselves. Bragging and dissing not needed. "Seems some don't like a discussion and to be disagreed with? (Had to delete)" .... I believe you're the one who doesn't like to be disagreed with - pretty obvious. Like I said in my PM to you, Mr.Sled, and Dave ... before you deleted it so they couldn't see it: Congratulations on winning the Internet. You can stop accusing Steve of hiding behind a ban hammer now since you've proven what the definition of a hypocrite is.
  3. Bontz

    clutch balance work

    You make me laugh Brad. In Yoda speak, "Funny, you are!" Kind of ironic that you claim Steve and I have no balls, yet you're the one crying like a little school girl. Has anyone told you how laughable your little rant on the AXYS group page was, when you were complaining to Joey that Northstar shouldn't be in the poll? Seriously - I know you don't get laid, so my advice to you is to go sit on your hand until it falls asleep and then use it to rub one out. That way it at least feels like someone else is giving you a handy.
  4. Bontz

    clutch balance work

    Now it makes sense!!
  5. Bontz

    clutch balance work

    Ed - I want to applaud you and Brad for finally drawing me into this. I've been watching from afar, but just when I thought this thread finally died - you go and bring it back to life. Do you even look at what you type? Seriously man, it's like you're in the early stages of dementia. You and Brad were the ones to come here, and ultimately stalk Steve, not the other way around. And to call anyone else a whiner is the biggest case of the pot calling the kettle black that I think I've ever read on these forums! Do you want me to go tally up the number of reported posts you have on the other site, whining about other people? Or is that a result of the mean ol' HCS mod/admin team picking on you? FFS - are you really in your 60's??? And why are you guys even here? Too much traffic on the other site requiring you to take a break and get away from it all? Bravo on hiding behind the fake screen names, too .... at least I changed mine to Bontz before I posted on here. I'd love to point the members of PSP to this thread, to show them what a class act you guys are ... representing your place really well! Talk about pathetic
  6. Bontz

    HSR is in the house.

    Hah ... thanks John. I'll be sure to run to the store and purchase a cup before I get too involved with the "entertainment"!
  7. Bontz

    HSR is in the house.

    You rang??? I'm here - just soaking up all the entertainment provided by a few folks