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  1. Up 167 points....almost a 700 point turnaround.
  2. The Jesus sled wins

    That must be why they sell almost as many sleds as Polaris and Cat combined.... https://www.statista.com/statistics/454763/global-snowmobile-market-share-by-company/
  3. Meme thread

    She is a lying fucking POS murdering cunt to start with perhaps
  4. Chrones sucks shit

    It truly is the shits and a pain in the ass. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in about 1980, age 15, had symptoms for the previous 10 years. I have had several intestinal blockages, and a bowel resection, as has my dad and brother and first cousin....it's the main reason I decided to not father any children as they now know it is familial. My brother and I are on the Remicade infusion therapy, big $$$... my insurance company HATES me...cost is nearly $8,000 every 8 weeks. It seems to be working for me for the most part, still have occasional flares which truly do suck....but if I follow my diet restrictions and keep stress at bay, I do quite well. My folks just had to cancel a 3 week vacation abroad as my Dad had a bowel obstruction the morning they were to board the plane. Thank God it happened before they left because an obstruction while airborne with the pressure changes of multiple take offs and landings would be unbearable...worst pain other than child birth. He has been on Humira, but may now be onto the "newest and greatest" biological treatment Entyvio. I hope it works, he has had crohn's for about 55 years, well before it was called crohn's and lost around 8 feet of intestine in the process along with many hospitalizations for blockages and other related problems.
  5. From today's ride Preview attachment IMG_2623.JPG IMG_2623.JPG 32 KB More snow on the way!
  6. Thus the nick name...Arctic crap...... Still had to rebuild more AC 800s in my shop this season than doo 800s...Poo 800s still in the lead for rebuilds or full engine replacement. And as I have mentioned before, I specialize in Ski doo sled repairs...mostly from crashes. My honest experience...
  7. We had a nice dump here last week....
  8. Mainecunt. Get a fucking life dude. Your candicunt lost....get over it.
  9. Pretty sure you just covered this in you rental car dumps NRA topic...
  10. What's for dinner???

    Elk backstrap, grilled asparagus, my special red potato smokey cheese au gratin spuds.

    It's been our WORST winter ever here in Oregon....but we did get about 18" latest weekend (gives us about 4' at 6,000 feet....should be about 12-15 feet right now) and snow is in the forecast for the next week. We typically get good snowfall in March and April, but who knows about this season.
  12. Melania hasn't: 1 Paid anyone $ to be quiet 2 Nor has she killed anyone who refused to be quiet 3 Is not a wretched old HAG/CUNT
  13. Meme thread

    Then stay the hell out of the meme thread. Most of us come here for a laugh...not to read about your homophobia.
  14. General......

    Guess you missed the point of the president honoring the military........ unlike your backpedaling spineless Obummer and his wanna be next in line Loser Cunt Hillary who had no respect for our men and women in service.