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  1. Mikeadoo

    Meme thread

    Looks more like she's being a smart ass cunt....
  2. Mikeadoo

    Meme thread

    And his were rigged too!
  3. Mikeadoo

    ski doo XP

    X2 on the nord-locks
  4. Mikeadoo

    ski doo XP

    Long ball end allen on a 3/8 drive and a wobble head extension. Oh, and be sure to put the two upper center ones in first
  5. Mikeadoo

    ski doo XP

    Long ball end allen is the trick
  6. Mikeadoo

    ski doo XP

    If it's an e-tec it is inside the ECM Others are located up under the jack-shaft behind the oil tank.
  7. Mikeadoo

    Poor Nancy.

    That stutter and eye twitch response instills such trust doesn't it???? I wouldn't trust her to feed and water my dog much less help pass laws to "protect" me and our country.
  8. Mikeadoo

    Poor Nancy.

    Guessing that is your tiny little cheese dick????
  9. Mikeadoo

    Collusion Collapse

    You just keep hanging on there....sooner or later you might get one right... or not
  10. Mikeadoo

    Trump will shut er down again.

    Until he pulls an Obummer trick and signs an executive order authorizing the wall and gives the democRats a big middle finger, then the wretched old bag can go suck an illegal immigrant's dick... That government tit sucking multi-millionaire cunt needs to go the fuck away along with her counterpart Scummer.
  11. MC likes cock.... Sorry, couldn't resist.....just sick of your "Tic Toc..." BS Are you ever going to give this shit up???? You must be one bored SOB
  12. Mikeadoo

    Meme thread

    Kinda like they missed three obvious facemask penalties (actually ripped a Rams' players helmet off his head with no call) prior to this mugging everyone bitches about. Nevermind the three drive extending calls (IE; "roughing the passer" by waving a hand in Ms. Brady's face while she threw another shitty pass) made by the "officials" that ended up putting the pats into the superbowl again. This shit is rigged.
  13. Polaris still can't build a dependable 800....been trying since , what....2000 sumthin'.....who would believe they could build an 850 with any better luck????