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  1. Never broken just sore from eating pussy
  2. Here, HCS and DooTalk apparently
  3. Skidooski

    WKRP in Cleveland?

    What a mess that made. And it takes at least 6 months for a latex balloon to decompose.
  4. Wintery mix of bullshit coming up from Ohio his morning. Snow to sleet to freezing rain then all rain
  5. 4 threads at least just on here probably. Its ridiculous but at least it's about sledding and not the same old same old around here.
  6. Skidooski

    Good talk

    You're so good with proof that you've got more then Mueller even has. Send him your resume and list this forum as references
  7. Skidooski

    Good talk

    Add to the list of things Slinger is an expert on....Clutching turbo sleds. Maybe just clutching a 500 fan cooled sleds Or is he just going along with what Ben says.
  8. 8 days a week with you twats
  9. Oh yes you do if Slinger and his hack crew say you do!!11 How do you think he thinks he wins every time
  10. Skidooski

    Are you a douche bag

    If you are the ones hanging out in the left lane doing under the speed limit holding up flow of're a douche bag If it' snowing out and you keep punching the brake pedal instead of just getting out of the gas and're a douche bag If you see just enough room in front of me to stuff your peace of shit hooptie then get pissed because you think I'm now all of a sudden tailgating're a douche bag . If you drive down the road paying more attention to your rear view mirror then where you're actually're a douche bag. If you drive a Prius or Smart car.........
  11. Skidooski

    Meme thread

    Maybe she's trying to garner votes for 2020.... Madame President v2.0
  12. Skidooski

    Meme thread

    I make big cheer when they shoot little dogs
  13. Skidooski

    More caveats in the bill

    And whatever they do the R's will do and then some next time around and so on. It's a pathetic cycle with neither party wanting to work with the other one.
  14. Yay...countless threads whining about Pence now too? It's fun to watch the evolution of disgruntled Liberals
  15. Skidooski

    More caveats in the bill

    Lots of National Emergencies on the books still but most involve other countries
  16. Skidooski

    trumpy loses, again...

    Or uses phrases like zampoopski