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much better. these gay homeless man beards are retarded. 

Seems odd that you haven't watched them since 67 yet know how bad they are.....

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51 minutes ago, Poncho said:

. This is a complete embarrassment   

That wasn't pretty at all. :flush:

27 minutes ago, psledhead said:

That was likely the defining moment of this season...Me thinks Babcock wasn't the problem after all


Bab's had worn out his welcome. Tonight's game was an embarrassment for sure but I think the Leafs overthought things and put a lot of pressure on themselves thinking they had better not lose now when Ayres came in.

They looked absolutely terrible. Tripping over themselves, bad passes, give away's, etc. Night and day compare to Thursday nights game. All excuses aside, they need to get a hold of this and right it quick if they think they are going to make the playoffs and go anywhere. 

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Good chance they won't make the playoffs, the CURSE is real - add in a league that is pretty even makes it harder


3 top 30 scorers

3 in the top 40 in points

Great but gets us nowhere



only 2 players top 100 in shots on net - pathetic not enough pressure

Defense needs work

Goalies just taking a beating almost 50 shots tonight


WTF is it going to take to have a 10 year run in Toronto 

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glad it worked out for him.problem now is the laff management will ban him from driving a zamboni any where the laffs are on ice.notice I did not say playing they have not changed in over fifty years it is in the laffs dna  fucks can not play the game.but the fans still flock like lemmings to the ticket booth and merchandise sellers.why would they change

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1 hour ago, 04nightfire said:

Toronto is a sinking ship right now

Unless something was in progress before the 3pm deadline, Toronto, a team that needs a lot of help, basically did a whole lot of nothing. Could be worse though, I guess, as they could have picked up another forward instead of a defense man, but I, and I assume most others, were expecting a lot more than this. :flush:

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Just this.  , “According to a report from Vancouver Canucks insider Rick Dhaliwal of TSN the Vancouver Canucks and the Toronto Maple Leafs are currently in talks regarding a potential trade that would see Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Tyson Barrie headed to Vancouver. Thus far we do not know what kind of return the Maple Leafs would be looking for here, but this may very well be an indication that Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas does not feel that his roster is ready to be a serious playoff contender this season. It is very unusual to see a team in Toronto's position selling off players ahead of a National Hockey League trade deadline, but Dhaliwal is an impeccable reporter and this would in fact appear to be a case of the Leafs selling ahead of the deadline“.

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16 minutes ago, 1trailmaker said:

The Maple Leafs have acquired forward Matt Lorito from New York in exchange for defenceman Jordan Schmaltz.

Maybe they can get a bag of pucks for Trudeau in bonus

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Unless they conclude the season as of today and they restart in April. The Leafs would be in the playoffs. I had four platinum tickets for the game tonight. Canceled. Oh well

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7 minutes ago, 1trailmaker said:

Can't conclude the season until the games played are even :dunno:  I would think that is a must

most played so far is 71 least is 68 - going to be a nightmare to figure that out



Yes I suppose. 

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Who knows. This is a complete fuck up. I had 4 Platinum tickets and had no  worries about sitting with 16,000,000 fans tonight. And no worries about catching a cold. I worried more about seeing another Libtard. Now that would make me shit my pants....lol

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