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  1. Your a a classic idiot! Argue that Trump is so bad. What has Trudeau done that is so successful in life that you admire him so much? Lets see, he left teaching in the dead of night after being accused of inappropriate relations with a student. Groped / sexually assaulted a female reporter and after when story breaks claims she experienced it differently! I bet all rape victims can claim they experienced the assault differently then the attacker! Trudeau the feminist fires strong women cabinet members for standing up to him. Trudeau has broken ethics laws how many
  2. Fail, did you know Rob Ford growing up? I did.
  3. You vote for Legal weed, fancy socks and your beloved picture and selfie spank bank collection. You voted for Budgets will balance themselves! What policy is that?
  4. Just wait Irv. 45 or 50 posts of unrelated failmaker garble to follow
  5. And you support a fake feminist, racist and sexual predator as Prime Minister. The onlyPrime minister who has been convicted of is it 3 or 4 ethics violations! Now every time your hero Prime Minister is questioned he throws out the racist card. By far the worst Leader in the history of Canada. So what’s your point Fail?..
  6. Sksman


    There is too big of a gap in payroll between top players and bottom. No heart, soul or fight on the Leaf bench! Mathews and Marner should have been benched. Let those others maybe more motivated try to play. The big names get all the credit for the losses and should as they disappeared.
  7. Sksman


    Shannahan And Dubas should both resign! And take the terrible anthem singer with them. Right from the anthem Shannahan has made poor calls.
  8. Sksman


    At what point do the Leafs realize passing the puck playing keep away with 5 guys around the Montreal penalty killing box will not score goals. 2 power plays 45 passes. Almost no shots from the big power play crew. Last game Sandin scores on a point shot with man in front. Hmmmm I wonder what works? Park a big tough body in front of Price and make the deference cover him. Opens up ice.
  9. Sksman


    Keefe was out-coached. Taveres goes down and game plan gone. Why was all the new toughness sitting on the bench for the last 4 minutes while the kids went around the outside looking for the pretty pass. No one in front of next makes it easy to play the box.
  10. So Fail is Doug wrong or right to lockdown? You criticize Florida for being open and imply Doug doing wrong for locking us down. Which Is correct path?
  11. Fail spends lots on weed and pizza!
  12. Sksman

    Fishing gear

    If you check Sail I saw they had some combos on sale for around $150. They still make the Ugly Stik. I have 2 up north.
  13. Sksman

    Fishing gear

    For my fishing that is likely enough for a very high quality. I bought a few over the years in Northern Ontario that seemed decent for under the $150 mark I think.
  14. Sksman

    Fishing gear

    Most fishing rod and reel combos are fairly inexpensive now compared to a weekend of snowmobiling so you can probably buy a few different to play with.
  15. Fail what should Doug have done? What actions should Doug Ford take? Now remember Fail Doug Ford does not control closing the airport or the international borders! 2 weeks ago Doug was wrong when he didn’t lockdown far enough. This week he is wrong for locking down too much. If he closes things up he is wrong. If he opens things up he is wrong. The media and Liberals and NDP are like a typical conversation with Fail. Never the right thing done but never a solution or question answered. Just typical useless Failmaker circle jerk he
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