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  1. So the previous governments spent a number of years compiling a list of Residential School Abusers still alive. List was completed in 2013. 5,300 past workers who were potential torturers and murderers and the Justin Trudeau Liberals have not done anything in 6 years with the list. No charges laid despite years of investigations. The government had a lot of details of abuse and torture Probably murder too. Now Justin Trudeau stands in front of the country and acts like this is all new to him! What a true sack of shit.
  2. https://www.erieri.com/salary/job/lawyer/canada/ontario
  3. Fail has no idea about the real world.
  4. So if Kyla is happy selling cookies she should not open a bake Shop? Just the Ford name in that area will pack the place! I guess it would be better for Ford to hire her into a cushy job in the public service somewhere where she can hide everyday and do minimal work. Maybe post on a snowmobile forum all day everyday. Or maybe Fords best friends could start a fake charity and hire Kyla as a speaker? Then Fail would cheer all day!! And Ford could be your hero if he bought new socks.
  5. Sure Fail lawyers make less then school teachers and firemen. Top Lawyers are billed out at well over $450/hour. And they try to bill the full day everyday. Even an average lawyer will be over $300/hour. So if you think that the average lawyer who bills $600,000/yr only makes $100,000 keep puffing that shit you smoke.
  6. Sorry wrong again Fail. Again you project your shit on others. No where did I defend pensions for life. I clearly stated JWR is a Aboriginal lady lawyer and could write her ticket at any law firm in BC. You were commenting that she wanted her pension.
  7. She is a lawyer dipshit. I would-imagine she could pretty much write her own ticket in BC. Aboriginal lady lawyer! I guess scum sucker like you figure everyone same as you.
  8. Tapped her ass? Give it a rest Fail. It was a lot more then just bumping into someone at a party. If it was anyone else in the Liberal party Justin would have canned them like he did to the other male MPs without even allowing for an investigation first. Only Trudeau is allowed no morals or ethics. Worst Prime Minister ever and sadly idiots like you support him. The dumb supported by dumber
  9. He sexually assaulted a reporter and claims she experienced it differently! I bent all victims of sexual assault experience it different then the attacker. But a pass for Trudeau!
  10. Crazy world we live in. Tear down statues. Re name streets and Universities and hospitals. Elect a fake feminist rapist who is a racist. When will Cancel culture cancel Justin Trudeau and save CANADA?
  11. Your a a classic idiot! Argue that Trump is so bad. What has Trudeau done that is so successful in life that you admire him so much? Lets see, he left teaching in the dead of night after being accused of inappropriate relations with a student. Groped / sexually assaulted a female reporter and after when story breaks claims she experienced it differently! I bet all rape victims can claim they experienced the assault differently then the attacker! Trudeau the feminist fires strong women cabinet members for standing up to him. Trudeau has broken ethics laws how many
  12. Fail, did you know Rob Ford growing up? I did.
  13. You vote for Legal weed, fancy socks and your beloved picture and selfie spank bank collection. You voted for Budgets will balance themselves! What policy is that?
  14. Just wait Irv. 45 or 50 posts of unrelated failmaker garble to follow
  15. And you support a fake feminist, racist and sexual predator as Prime Minister. The onlyPrime minister who has been convicted of is it 3 or 4 ethics violations! Now every time your hero Prime Minister is questioned he throws out the racist card. By far the worst Leader in the history of Canada. So what’s your point Fail?..
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