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  1. for those that say its a game changer.. do you own trucks? drive them? the driver sitting in the center is not new look at a front discharge cement truck. is it a good idea for a concrete truck yes. how many dealers are there? its gonna break when it dose it needs to be fixed quick. and the weight what is it? its all about weight
  2. up here green short tree length ( 25ft) 130 to 140 if you can find some. hard wood pulp price is close to that. as far as klim dried not only dose it dry it but it kills the bugs. the state of maine was taking camp fire wood away from the tourist and replacing it. the emerald ash borer crossed the river from ny to ct on a log truck. 500 ++ in boston sounds about right those libs deserve it. in case anyone asks how they get the wood out of the trailer. its a live floor
  3. was at my dealer yesterday.this is whats he thinks. they have a fix but it has not been approved yet. polaris says the repair will take 2 hrs. and may not include replacing the fuel pump. dealers can not sell new or used sleds. except the 550 fan. this part i kinda expected if you own a sled included in the order and you take it to the dealer for a repair unrelated to this polaris tells him not to return the sled to you
  4. they all had a wood core in the transom some in the stringers also. use a wooden hammer handle to sound the hull. if its soft it will sound different. i would at least reseal the drain plug and any screws for a transducer.. use 3m 5200. if thats a 185 that was rated at the crank not the prop. the cross flow pretty much has the intake and exhaust port across from each other. a high dome on one side of the piston makes it all work. fuel burn wot close to 20 gph? if it turns out you really like the boat look around for a 150 etec. quite no smoke and burn half the fuel
  5. this is true but usually ford uses an orifice instead of a expansion valve. it dose the same thing. dose the front ac work well? was the rear a add on or from ford? if a add on it may need more juice . dose the engine fan come on?
  6. i found this from someone that really knows evinrudes it the g2 3cyl with rave
  7. is the tank above the motor?pull the hose off the pump is there fuel? the solenoid in the carb can keep it from starting if bad but it should still pump fuel. it may not fill the filter it may only show a little gas in it. and will run fine. if it hasnt been started in months some of them start hard
  8. fuel pump its just a pulse pump taking its pulse off the valve cover. unless this is a 30 yr old cast iron motor they had a machinal pump
  9. so thats sort of a 4 stroke evinrude. well rude lower unit at least
  10. has anyone watched redacted on you tube???
  11. fire wood pricing this is how it breaks down. if a load 10 cd is sold to a cutnsplit dealer. he will pay around $130 a cd. out of that 130 comes stumpage to the land owner the logger gets some and then the trucking. no one is getting rich. but now the dealer will cut n split it and deliver to the home owner. green always was$250 and air dry 275 i would expect that is a bit low now. the cutnsplit guy makes 120 to 200 or more per cd and always complains wines cry's
  12. if anyone is thinking about burning wood either cut n split or split it yourself buy it today or at least get on the list. there will be a shortage and the price will go up. i have been a logging contractor for 40 yrs and i have never seen this many guys give up. for the liberal city boys that say $6 fuel dosent matter. you have no idea. kerosene is $8.50 at the store down the road. back to fire wood if you can find ash buy it . it dose not need to dry. but with the ash borer killing every ash tree south of here. the old saying was a cd of wood is equal to 200 gal of oil
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