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  1. none of the lights work? or some do? if you have fisher lights it should have been just plug them in. did the new lites work when first installed?
  2. first off how new is it? the intensfire lights with the bulbs that are $20 each? or the old style? there will be a isloation module usually its laying on the fender liner drivers side. that runs the lights and the lift angle and it multiplex for the lift. it means it runs several things over the same wire. the older plows used relays thats why i asked how old it is. where they tap into the head lite wires a lot use the scotch clips. not the best idea. sometimes its the truck side plug where it plugs into the plow. the $20 bulbs do not last long i buy several every winter
  3. if its a ascert cat no. and everyone hates a 10 sp if its really a 8 ll they are good. parts can be hard to come by cab parts anyway
  4. i have a new england trails gps unit for my sxs they have them for sleds also. it works pretty good. its a garmin referb with there mapping
  5. latest fun project. replace a bosch cp4 in one of my 6.7 fords. the roller on the cam follower turns then its all over. it makes little metal flakes. then its replace pump injectors fuel lines rails sensors everything forward of the filter
  6. almost all of the gas diesel fuel and heating oil in the northeast came from irving
  7. if you are saying irving gas came from Saudi it did not the crude oil did and was refined in st john nb. i have been through that refinery
  8. first year of the push button reverse was 2004. i bought one new. that one i had was trouble free and so was the 06
  9. my snap on dealer gave me some snap on socks they are not bad
  10. 99 % chance the gas you buy was refined by irving oil dosent matter what it says on the pump some of the crude to make that gas came from alberta
  11. shows what you know. not much. most mills are making food grade paper and cardboard
  12. not to well. ever since the big money investors started buying the paper mills. like verso and a few others. sappi from south Africa is doing ok along with nine dragons from china they own 2 mills. when the digester blew up in jay we lost 25% of our pulp market and its not coming back
  13. the original frink snow plow was started by carl frink in new york state. i have several of there 11ft dustpans. the newer plows are everst american. as far as carbide edges all my trucks plow town roads and i prefer to not be changing edges every couple storms. with carbide a set of edges on the plow may go most of the winter while changing the wings edges 4 times
  14. if you plow on pavement buy carbide cutting edges. they are pricy but will last a long time. that frink is old they went out years ago . now its everest. they made very good plows. i had a 9 ft like yours. i bought a new everst 10ft reverse a trac 4 yrs ago for 1800. list was over 7k just the plow no head gear. the company had been sold and the new owner wanted all the old stock gone. if you want a plow to scrape raise the push arm height that will put a bit of down pressure on it
  15. i only grind harvester chain 404 80 oregon is 35 degrees stihl is 30. a diamond wheel is way better on a grinder
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