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  1. some bright star from new jersey found out it cant swim. just google bronco bar harbor me. you can drive from bar harbor to bar island at low tide this guy went off the bar down into the mud and there it sat for 2 days in the salt water. they used air bags to float it to where it could be towed. motor trend did a story on it
  2. has anyone tried this?most outboards from 06 and up have this. it allows you to connect the motor to your chart plotter. on there you can see rpm speed engine temp it may show water pressure engine hours and what i wanted the most is fuel burn. the 2 wire harness i needed was $200. finding it was a bit of a problem at first. lowrance has the interface cable for evinrude and Yamaha then you need the back bone cable with the tees and terminators all plug and play. parts just came so we will see how it goes
  3. the rack price went twice a day for 2 days here last week. and yes some of it is profit taking
  4. i had diesel and heating oil delivered wed today on there website heating oil is up $.98 diesel up $ 1.00 there will be a few old folks around that will be cold
  5. if the carbs are right then its an air leak making it run lean. crank seals carb boots some thing leaking
  6. for those of you that come up here to ride the state cops are running f150 fords now. with out state plates on them. so far have only seen dark blue. the only give away is the antenna's on the roof
  7. speed limit is 75 only north of old town. last summer headed to the county with the camper a guy goes buy me like a shot with 3 4 wheelers on a trailer just above the medway exit they were scattered al over the median . trailers will sway at certain speeds what you do next decides how much it costs you . sometimes a light tap on the trailer brake control will do it others its pour the coal to it.
  8. howland me. 95 north the story and vid at wabitv5. it seems they were heading to the county sledding. when they may have hit a patch of ice on the over pass. a new white 2500 hd crew and enclosed trailer. he bounced her from one guard rail to the other then over the side she went a 20 odd ft drop. truck looks pretty well beat up one got hurt. speed limit there is 75. maybe it was ice or the trailer pushing the truck around
  9. a pal of mine was there yesterday. most of it is groomed a ft or more of snow. he said it was pretty good. he also got a ticket for modified exhaust. the trail can dosent cut it. the warden was at the parking lot got him just after unloading. the warden says to him your gonna have to rejet those carbs. his sled a 21 850 rmk
  10. i stopped in at a tohatsu dealer . he dose not stock anything over 150hp he caters to the lobster fishermen so he sells mostly under 20 hp for there skiffs to get to there big boat on a mooring. also said all there big motors are assembled by tohatsu using honda parts. the other story was honda had so much corrosion problems they went to tohatsu to solve them . talked to a merc dealer nothing in stock its order only lead time 1 to 6 months
  11. every one seems to be pushing suzuki or yamaha. talked to a dealer today that was approved as a yamaha dealer. that would make 5 in about 50 miles. suzuki dealer says they all have corrosion problems now but the Japanese motors more so than rude or mec. this would be in saltwater
  12. anyone have one? likes dislikes? i bought a 150 a while back it runs great just is not hp enough. any one know of a good used or new 225 or 250 25" shaft
  13. there is a 8 hr vid on you tube. as far as winterizing i did not see any keel coolers on that boat so they should have. the motors will be cooled by fresh water. antifreeze. and raw water will cool the reverse gear the after cooler if its diesel then the heat exchanger for the coolant. its pretty easy to winterize. close the sea cock remove the cover for the sea strainer and pour nontoxic antifreeze in while the motor is running till it comes out the exhaust
  14. and for the ford owners need parts? go to ford parts .com sign up pick a dealer put in your vin. i have a fleet account with the local dealer so i have not ordered parts off this site. but anyone can. it will show list and the discounted price. it will always beat napa or the others on price. i heard gm was going to do something like this also.
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