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  1. Why? Taxi licences were trading for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Along comes Uber, customers are happier, taxis still exist but the licences are virtually worthless. Same would happen with the milk boards. It simply political. Quebec wants no part of deregulation, therefore no,political,party will do it for fear of losing seats in Quebec. Anyone who lives near the border buys milk and cheese etc in the US. Wish I lived closer.
  2. I threw all my CRT monitors out. They are worth money now? MTG is wise. She thinks they’ll be better off getting LED tvs.
  3. Cause he's a megalomaniacal dick? There was a limited defensive force scrambled to repel the Russian invaders, let alone an invasion force level deployment. Hitler, Poland, Chamberlain. It's a good read. Hence why Poland is all in to keep the Poo tin out. I can't spend too much effort on an internet discussion. We've got our own firearms taking dickbag at the helm now, You have a mental retard. Need to focus,
  4. Protecting his border is a bit of a stretch. Poo tin stacked 100,000 troops on the border and claimed it was an exercise. If Russia simply wanted to defend the border, they'd still be there. No one but the sheeple type Chamberlains thought Poo tin was going to stay on his side of the border.
  5. I hope the driver sues the idiot who threw the punch. Totally unnecessary as police were coming.
  6. Wait, ..what? Corruption in government? Unpossible! I'd be more surprised if there wasn't. Your demented twat and our stupid dope are balls deep in it.
  7. Stop by the vaccination clinic Sunday on the way to church. Might as well destroy both mind and body!
  8. Turbine version of myocarditis. The grease was made by Moderna.
  9. Genius! The snooping skills some of them have will be incredibly valuable to the IRS. Stupid people post everything from the poop they just took, to the weekend at the cottage online these days. Ex facetwat and google employees should be able to do a cursory lifestyle audit on anyone they think isn't being totally honest with Uncle Sam. They can either get a hundred k on the dole or work for the IRS for similar and make sure everyone pays their taxes. Winner winner chicken dinner!!
  10. Great! Every new GM engine in the last few years has been awesome. How did they fuck up the 5.3 and 6L?
  11. So I'm mistaken. There is no system that allows someone to never work a day in their life, pump out kids with no fathers, yet still survive, sometimes with more creature comforts than a person working a hard, demanding occupation. I'd thought I'd read that or observed it somewhere. Guess not.
  12. There is nothing wrong with being a slacker, putting in 20 hrs a week and generally not giving a fuck. Just don't expect to be paid as much as the driven, motivated person that puts in 60 hrs a week. Unless you are in a union, or work in an equity and inclusion focused workplace, then you deserve what all the rest get and then some.
  13. We've had potential hires ask what start and finish times are, concrete. It's unique because it can't just be dropped off at a jobsite and left, like a skd of lumber. A short day is 7-5, you almost think you're getting off early at only a 10hr day. Most walk out the door, or start and hope t's not true only to have their hopes crushed. It's a vicious cycle. Can't find people to do the hours, so those that do work have to work longer and harder.' They burn out and it get's worse. The 2 shifts idea has been floated and has merit, especially for those with family
  14. How does president Harris strike ya’? Who says Democrats cant plan for shit? Found with classified documents, the penitent man would not run for president again. Only a douche would run again. Right?
  15. I can’t be without a phone, mine, wife’s, or business. I have a spare in a box at all times. The second it is needed, I order another spare.
  16. She’s right. Wasn’t there another thread that showed you get near six figures, getting handouts? Working is for chumps it seems.
  17. Not jobs. Ukranians are trained on Soviet type weapons, Ak’s etc. Much better to hand a soldier something he can use simply by muscle memory. I used to be able to field strip an ar 15 blindfolded…thanks to the Dope it’s now a safe queen.
  18. It doesn’t. Hollywood has to point firearms at people, to make the movie. I’ve laid out and passed around some of my shotguns, rifles and hand guns to friends and family so they can handle them. When they came out of the safe, I, and I alone fully ensure every weapon is empty, magazines are empty, any round for these were locked in a cabinet. There could be no cross contamination. There could never be an ND. Even my non gun toting wife is ok with this so her family can enjoy. I give Baldwin a bit of a pass. The armourer was ultimately in control and should ha
  19. That is the primary reason GM was worthless and government bailed them out years ago. Yours and our government debts don’t take into consideration legacy costs either. We are even more broke than most realize.
  20. Tesla doesn’t have the jack boot of government on it’s neck like GM does. ICE manufacturers are forced to sell some things at a loss to offset the regulations government arbitrarily sets upon them, Far from a free market competition.
  21. There wouldn’t be much of a penalty anyway. if courts are going to take away rights, I want people to speak up about it. Canada could use some patriots, our rights get taken in the back rooms and star chambers.
  22. It's a valid point. Some humans with OEM snatches will, when desperate, use a shitter in the mens bathroom. That however is not what this woke bullshit is about. The below is incorrect, unless one choses to avoid science. Someone get the Fauch, he'll set you straight..being actual science as he is. "Not all students who menstruate are female.""
  23. He is responsible for something, for sure. Not sure that charge will stick, bet he pleads out to less. There should never have been live rounds anywhere near that movie set. Even with trained soldiers, on a military range, it’s blanks OR live rounds.
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