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  1. I can make up works to AERYT23SADOIN2A
  2. well I enjimneered the data and its the only logical choice when you need to leave slime behind
  3. Sometimes when I'm bored on the job site I cover myself in grease and pretend I'm slug crawling across the pavement.
  4. I got lost in the portapottie on the job site once , took me two days to find my way out of there. Luckily I enjimneered a solution for it to never happen again using grade 123-6026 aggregate to find my way back.
  5. I get lost coming out of the garage.. thank got for my gps and my enjimneering technical knowlege
  6. My gripe is these assholes trying to impersonate me.
  8. Gym doesn't stand a chance because Jim rides at WFO throttle all the time.
  9. It was just me tearing ass on my KAWASAKI THE GREATEST SLED EVER MADE
  10. can you give me buckets of rocks so I can be cool like @ZR6000RR too?
  11. Whats wrong with the short bus? been riding it for years.
  12. Doesn't matter they all suck compared to my Kawasaki . Kawasaki is the best brand ever.
  13. I wish I was , Jimmy has buckets of rocks , I don't have buckets of rocks I am too poor.
  14. Jimmy knows his rocks! Jimmy has friends! Jimmy rides the best equipment even though he doesn't use all the power of it! Jimmy is superior to everyone else because Jimmy said so!
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