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  1. I felt powerless once , then a pooped in a pool at the waterpark and shut it down.
  2. @ZR6000RR sits when he pees and went crying to moderators... just like I had to cry to my wife after watching sasquatch get his ass ate by Jimmy while he was searching for buckets of rocks
  3. That dipshit @ZR6000RR talks out of his ass and this Jimmy decided it was time to hoof him in the front butt. Hes the smartest guy in the room but cant tell the difference between 3 and 6 miles. hes more retarded than me!
  4. @ZR6000RR met bigfoot once and he ate his ass. I was there videotaping.
  5. is it true north start performance has a fix for this with a power block clutch ? I wish @ZR6000RR would come back so he can tell us how he enjimneered it to not start on fire. hes a god amongst men
  6. Will ricky sell me some ti wristpins for my kawasaki?
  7. In northern MN we have a haydays and it involves 3 midgets 2 toasters and a spool of bailing string.
  8. last week @ZR6000RR had relations with my sister. I was more upset over the fact she banged someone out side of the family By northern Minnesota law he owes me 9 stones and a cow.
  9. Whose meat is getting beat and whose bushings need made? I'm so confused.
  10. I can make up works to AERYT23SADOIN2A
  11. well I enjimneered the data and its the only logical choice when you need to leave slime behind
  12. Sometimes when I'm bored on the job site I cover myself in grease and pretend I'm slug crawling across the pavement.
  13. I got lost in the portapottie on the job site once , took me two days to find my way out of there. Luckily I enjimneered a solution for it to never happen again using grade 123-6026 aggregate to find my way back.
  14. I get lost coming out of the garage.. thank got for my gps and my enjimneering technical knowlege
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