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  1. agreed 100% image clarity, eye relief, low light image quality and light gathering, parallax, FFP or second, zero repeatability. even the accuracy of each click of the turret can vary wildly. at long distance, i want 1 click to actually be 1/4 MOA, not somewhere close.
  2. apparently ricky is working with NASA engineers now?
  3. Some of the vortex is made here, depending on which line of products. The others are made offshore, which country again depends on the lineup.
  4. I even have their rangefinder. Great company
  5. Vortex is all i use. From my hunting scopes to my long distance stuff, i swear by them. I cant speak from experience in that price range, but i doubt you'll find better optics for the money.
  6. I heard that poo is waiting to release a fix, or any updates in the future, until they consult with slick rick.
  7. I've never been a fan of speedwerx clutching setups, at least not for my preferences
  8. maybe it just feel like a rev limiter because it's about 10 degrees retarded from where i need it. thanks doug
  9. so if they give a timing spec for 9k on the RMK, i have to assume there is not a rev limiter?
  10. i didnt know there was a ranking system for polaris clutch kits. who came in second to slick rick?
  11. minimum order quantity and dollar amount would be no problem, but i still take in cars and trucks for custom work and wont give that up. Automatic has been very good to us over the years though so whatever
  12. also, it looks like i'm swapping in an ignition system from an 04. does anyone know the curve for an 04 prox 600 and 700, and also if there is a hard rev limiter built into the cdi/ecu?
  13. parts unlimited declined us because i wouldnt agree to not work on cars and trucks. they require powersports ONLY
  14. they're great to buy from and work with
  15. https://venomproducts.com/dealers/
  16. does anyone have the ignition timing map for a 2000 xcsp 700 and rmk 700? most specifically, what it's doing at 9400 rpms
  17. he is also apparently known as SLP Northeast. i emailed SLP to ask if they could recommend a dealer in NH, they said they had nobody
  18. wait a minute, i thought all of the parts were customer designed and built specifically for him? those are all off the shelf components
  19. i've yet to see one at the drags that he claim to win. you'd think someone would at least run one of his stickers if he is getting them all these wins
  20. i have offered to "test" along side him so many times i've lost track, he always said no. i also find it funny that some of the races he claims to have won, i didnt see any of his sleds even there. unless he's just so humble that he chooses not to put any of his stickers on them
  21. if he has all this data, someone should ask him to post it
  22. and here everyone else is, chasing thousandths, and he could have knocked full tenths off for them. wtf i bet his iron wolf clutch kit could take a full second off
  23. well HE isnt doing anything, he's just doing what SLP, BMP and all the big companies tell him works. if they tell him something new next week, then he'll be pushing that.
  24. if they work that good in 500 feet, i wonder how much quicker they'll get us in 660
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