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  1. Be Grateful for where we live… Be Grateful for what we have. This is a crazy place you all got here, I still enjoy stopping in. Enjoy your summer, Peace and God Bless.
  2. It’s my Brand too, but when you have to lay down a large sum o money, loyalty can only take you so far… 10 years waiting for something new and different, I am ordering a Lynx Rave RE, been green all my life, still am! I am not a Skidoo fan, but BRP owning Lynx and offering it here is a game changer. If Textron shows us loyalists they believe in us, gets the dealers network confidence back and investment in product development and quality standards I will purchase again. too many years of passion in being GREEN and our own Cat House to completely abandon ship! GO-CAT-GO
  3. Look at the size of that font size and colour! Wow… that’s my kind of spelling it out for ya! I’m Inspired again!
  4. Great final… Yurk working really hard for the third box! Awesome fight! Go- Dylan-Go! Happy Sunday
  5. Listen you Tripleflipper! Leave Jimmay out of this, haven’t seen him around, we don’t want to be waking him up now! Sorry I couldn’t resist
  6. Been Waiting 10 Years to upgrade these two into something better. ‘Forgive me… just venting. waited 3 months for AC dealer to change jackshaft bearings on SP
  7. Get out the electric heating blanket and run a Diesel heater in the room at 5am -150???
  8. Lynx will move more AC buyers to RAVE
  9. God Speed in his healing and recovery. Thank you for the update. God Bless
  10. Hearing lots of good stuff on ski hills that Covid snot applied on goggles is helping increase body temperature and lowering respiratory rate so goggles are staying clear. thoughts? any better methods out there?
  11. It’s Flaming Hot brand new… It just finished breaking the lake speed record… plastic around the exhaust couldn’t handle it. Twin Piped of course !
  12. My older first cousin had a 1978 Polaris 440TX that was the sled that got me hooked into sledding, my fondest memory was watching it break the track loose and blow snow, never seen a snowmobile do that before that sled… WOW my first sight of POWER! My greatest sled was 2001 ZR800LE I was in my prime, bent the foot rails into banana’s even with the metal strengthening bars hammered into the outer loops, had to make aluminum L brackets to keep them somewhat straight. That thing through deep moguls and tight twists was gone… come out of the fast twisted trails, undo the front skid knob shock
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