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  1. Okay Bro... message delivered, I was real smooth not to blow your cover! feel like I’m in high school again having the time of my life!
  2. Will... do! miss the gang altogether at HCS... but I will say this is make me engage a whole lot more. Not sure if that is a good thing? love this guy!
  3. E.T... that was an awesome movie! what’s under this cover is a Snowmobiling nightmare!
  4. Are you saving up to buy and Arctic Cat?
  5. Oh.. you won’t believe the R&D in this new unit for F&F, you won’t want to ride this thing because it’s soooo nice! you will want to treat it like fine furniture and admire it in your family room. I stare at it all day now with COVID... it’s a true work of art!
  6. This thing is seven minutes in the making... It’s really something I tell ya!
  7. I love telling the dealer when he asks the model “F”inish Line 800.
  8. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing... I have only 3 green machines, hoping to go it. Looking forward to hearing more on your progress. Cube
  9. I remember that race… Blair was the shit then, but loved Vincent! How far we have come… still feel for Blair, seen him at a sled show couple years back in Ski Doo both, nice to see him out. GO-CAT-GO!
  10. I remember that well... I caused a lot of ruckus on HCS with why no ZR? Super8 thought I was a Russian Spy and could see under the secret sled cover they were teasing us with. The good old Days... hope I had a hand in why you all ride ZR’s now? I still don’t have one! LOL
  11. French fry Oil! love to smell the bio diesel made from eatable oils.
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