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  1. To whom it may concern… I am Cubie, I am a Farmer, I know how to grow mushrooms, so this means I can stay in a dark room and shovel manure on everything all day! I get up early in the morning and try to communicate with BoneHeads all day. My experience in that is I can endure smelly places and find humour as they continue to throw manure at themselves. Dear EPA I would love the “Freedom” to ride in your world… please consider me, smelly and with little to nothing to contribute. Many Thanks in advance, and so happy you exist. Cubie
  2. Hey Buddy! Miss me??? Or are you screaming and running just like the video clip? Happy Thanksgiving
  3. That would be awesome! my big Brother Billy Howard is praying for me to get over the boarder next season for lots of fun stuff! I can load up the truck with all the goods, I will get advanced orders from you all and it’s all on me... love to meet ya and maybe take a rip to show we belong with the Real Deal... not Posers! Yes... Sucks! it really made the season go fast... looking forward to the next SX season and coming here with ya all. Peace
  4. Thanks for a great SX experience this season... haven’t felt the passion for the sport like this year in many years. Thank you TeamGreen, Fortune for the insider views... and all of you seasoned vets of the sport! Great Ride Looking forward to next season Cheers 🍺
  5. Not sure why my calendar has round 14 tonight? All good, it’s awesome following SX again...
  6. Wow... you can really see the size of the holes with the sun light and shadows
  7. That’s where @Zambroskiwas last night..... Taco Bell! Broski you can have the coupons Crotch offered me?
  8. Way to go Cat... checking out early, taking a dip in the track side water! Nice Congratulations Oscar Norum
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