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  1. Make the racers wear bright colors for safety and then throw them on a sled the same color as snow. Genius!!!!
  2. She know you were a pig with a fetish for maglites? got any pictures of her pigs?
  3. That and the part about “sex traffickers”. Something a normal person would never think of.
  4. Did you at least call him a “fucking liar” for putting that bs in writing.
  5. Play on words, Legend is his old username.
  6. That might turn you into a, “Legend”. 😉
  7. It’s on your Sandy’s flyer, “authentic squirrel dick”
  8. With good reason, squirrel dick.
  9. If only it were dude on dude it’d be right up your alley.
  10. I’ve talked to him over the phone but never met. Was looking forward to meeting him at trackstands party, but he left before we got there.
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