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  1. Just going to place this here. But Nascar is still a cool gig.
  2. That's it boys. My moderator status removed due something with "removal of posts" unallowed. Fuck you all.
  3. I didn't ban anyone. Who did ? I have no idea. Probably the VS administrator. I'll be in Minny next year. I'd like to meet up with you. I'm not in this for the fighting. I'm here because some said it was a fun site to be on. Is it ?
  4. Me a back stabber ? Ha, you guys stabbed yourselves. And NO I'm not an admin and don't want it. Did you officially quit ? I looked this am and saw you were still there. Sorry to see you go too though. It's VS's IMO as they are the true administrators. I didn't get what i wanted. No how No way. IMO everyone has lost.
  5. Said nothing about what ? HSR likes to repost ? Ok, crying in the milk still ?
  6. Oh looky, spilled milk. Ah, Freedomsledder.com - Can say it here and some "bot" doesn't change it. Who cares!
  7. LmFAO - coming from you the previous administrator on HCS Crying ? I'm not but you look like you are!
  8. Really HSR ? FUCK OFF is all you got ? And really as an Administrator on here is that "in good standing" with the owners of the group ? Ok, whatever. And BTW, again, What did I do to you to deserve anything from you ? I didn't spite any of your posts. Like never. And heck, If anything I'm guilty of letting the ball drop badly while a Mod there. You guys berated some people badly and really VS never cared did they. It took a long time for something to happen. I never said a peep to anyone. You guys did the "talking". That dootalk guy is where your anger shoul
  9. Veiled threats ? Nope, never from me. I'd like to meet up with you and discuss your beef with me. Nothing more into it than that. Ask the others.
  10. MR POOPOO, I fucked HCS ? REally now. I did nothing of the banning. That was all VS. I'll be coming up to SE MN wanna meet up and discuss it ?
  11. MR POOPOO, Listen closely, I am not banning anyone. Just the SPAM. So if you'd like to get banned SPAM AWAY. Your call. And yes, PLEASE just move on. What's wrong with that ? What did i ever do to you ?
  12. Sorry, no cool kid here. Are you one ? Actually, what spine do i need to support Trump ? I don't like Biden at all for his family lies and profitterring. But whatever. People fuck up and they pay the price. Me included.
  13. Both actually. I think that Tommcat has a valid point and so does AK440. (isn't that who was banned ?) Steve
  14. Nope, Why would i be a VS stoolie ? Not sure why you would think that. But whatever. That's your choice. As for Freedom Sledder. I've read the posts on here for years just because guys talked about the site on HCS at times. I remember when it was formed and all that was mentioned was about it just being a "shitshow" over here. Nothing good to read just a bunch of hoooha. And sure it was somewhat like that for a while but it looks fine to me now. And maybe with some guys joining from HCS it can be better. Sounds like a plan to me. And VS is screwing up somewhat with t
  15. My Brother just got over it. Said it was "hanging" around for 4 weeks. Didn't even know he had it till two weeks in and his g/f said she wasn't feeling great. (had a temp) That's COVID-19. I just wonder what happened to Covid 1 - 18 ?
  16. And Swept under the rug. Just like all dealings in the White house city. Sucks
  17. Yeah, I hate me too. I liked some posts on HCS (and here too). I must be guilty of something ! Oh yeah and I like Trump over Biden cause Biden is an asshat and Trump at least just told us like it is. He was going to beat the h*ll out of others (which he did) and make himself look like an idiot (which he did) and why wouldn't he be like that. Most CEO's are NUTS anyway and psychotic too. But, at least he isn't "Mr Flip Flop" Biden and we could count on him to beat the crap out of people who needed it. (Europe, China, Ruskies etc..) More power to him. I'm not sad hate me too.
  18. Good Grief. Won't ever read that article in any MSM station will we ? ??
  19. Yep, liked a lot of posts yesterday. Anyway, who is that 044ka guy ? You say Frankie ? Wasn't he the one who stirred the pot up on some forum ? Polaris forum maybe ? Steve
  20. And all of that above is true. IMO those with the GUNS will win. The rest of them will be just well, dead.
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