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  1. The best rum kraken, the best egg nog circle K , ORGASM in a glass just say'in.
  2. I have used snow tracker on all my sleds for years skidoo, cat and now Yamaha with the terrible tuner ski's, they stop darting and vastly improve cornering .
  3. Are you sure I thought someone under 12 years old can drive on private property ,a lake is public property.
  4. Facts I'm stating are direct from GM service bulletins released to mechanics, that can be found on the net. I'M a gm mechanic.
  5. I'm in the same boat, looking for a car for the wife. What I've researched , gm's with late model 2.4 have piston ring and timing chain problems, 3.6 3.9 v6 with double overhead cam engines have timing chain problems. Good news 3.5 3.9 overhead valve push rod engines are good. Impala Lt Lucerne .
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