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  1. 7:30 yesterday morning Visa scam call automated Toronto area code we had put a blocker on this type of calling but never seems to make a difference.
  2. Slow Joe

    New Doos'

    Whats this all about he was one of the guys on here to first answer any questions I had so I dont see where asking about him gets this response and why
  3. They should be selling these at the Petro Can/Timmys i would hate to see lives lost needlessly.
  4. Slow Joe

    New Doos'

    Speaking of the new Doo,s where is the Puzzleboy I have not seen postings lately.Joe
  5. Slow Joe

    New Doos'

    Showing my age where the F*** is the windshields I ride the north and its cold I dont see trucks with sled trailers on flying down the highway with windshields missing why do you want to ride a sled with nothing at all?
  6. Slow Joe

    Polaris 850

    Ya I have always had ultimate faith in the Fuji and was apprehensive when it was dropped hence my inquires on the 850 there has been some teething issues since the switch,but some of the engines have been rock solid another fella in the group who is mechanically absent drove his XC 700 like it was stolen for years and had little to no problems as i recall a stator once but it had a ton of miles on it and was a bit of a rat sled.Joe
  7. Never been in the Ganny in the winter always been on the hit list,many trips in the summer months great spot for a little ATVing although its too busy on the weekends anymore we generally would stage corner Sandaraska Rd and Porter jus off 115,the Chinese food place in Pontypool great place to eat or grab a sub at the deli next door nice area down there,the wife and I attended a car show a bit further down the 115 last summer behind/beside the petro can/ Timmys it was impressive some wild hardware on display.Joe
  8. Slow Joe

    Polaris 850

    And yea Poncho oddly enough I have seen at least three Fusions in my travels this year still plunking along LOL,bi annual or so Quebec trip on deck at the moment general garage meeting today beverages and layin plans hope the weather stays decent and doesn't snow five feet and drop to 40 below.Joe
  9. Slow Joe

    Polaris 850

    50th anniversary edition Poncho which was a to me good handling sled liked the chassis for its time,clutch and belt reliability was not good at all some suspension issues,engine worked OK till about the two thousand mile mark, not the best sled Ive owned but not the worse either, getting rid of it was a nightmare no dealer wanted to touch it or the offer was insulting so had numerous updates done and rode it out the next year sold it privately took a bath and moved on,meanwhile one of the other guys in the group had a Indy 650 with 18 k miles on it LOL.
  10. Slow Joe

    Polaris 850

    LOL got ya well I have nothing against your choice of sleds and big twin 2 strokes are a great choice and getting popular again its another round and Iam glad to hear very little issues with all the brands for the most part,iam not done buying sleds yet so following the threads about the new big bore units out there is helpful in the next choice not having this option years ago it was a bit hit and miss when buying a new intro my choice in the winter of 04/05 when a 900 cc looked like the answer with the decal on the side Fusion left me weary of buying anything first year.Joe
  11. Been trying to get down and ride the forest for a couple years and get euchred for snow how much snow did you get down there.Joe
  12. Slow Joe

    Polaris 850

    Not sure what you say sorry for Poncho all along I was just wanting to know how the sled was performing and your thoughts glad to hear that it has been flawless not always the case with new models regardless of manufacturers,i have been Guinea pigged more than once in my time of buying sleds from different brands.Joe
  13. A wise choice indeed wont argue that,1977 sat and watched as young Jerry Bunke at the Kawartha Cup took everyone to school man Polaris had their game faces on I will do some diggin I think i still have pics of the pit area unfortunately a ton of great era photos were lost to a fire a number of years back,I attended the cup most years and enjoyed the days of the high bank when that crazy frenchman Yvon tore ass around great times.
  14. Poncho i couldn't agree more too me there isn't a sentence long enough or severe enough for this P.O.S bitch,apparently the chair landed near a entrance to a condo complex,in my mind this is attempted murder she should be old and gray before she feels freedom again very appalling bring back public floggings. Joe
  15. The original primary was a Polaris knock off that flew apart and ate belts at a alarming rate till Bombardier gave a replacement square shaft,that was better till the Polar Fire CDI packed it in they were a decent sled but the ski leg posts were weak and sometimes would fold in.Joe
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