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  1. LOL, you're the biggest loser on the internet. You and other sheep help open the economy...haha, thanks for the laugh if the day
  2. Im sure failmaker can answer that as Im sure he indulges in said drugs
  3. Anti vaxer hahahahahaha.. This proves how stupid you are. Am I a anti vaxer cause Im not taking the covid vax? Go on the government website and you will find that number of 2350. Im sure you already know there is over 14 million people in Ontario so is that is totally worth shutting down our country for a year and a half, right?
  4. 2350. No reason... Lol. You are a complete idiot
  5. Ontario was never even close to 2800 in hospital you fuckin retard. Its too bad the vaccine didn't take you out
  6. I don't know why you guys waste your time with this retard trailmaker. Hell I don't even know why I still come on this site when its just his lame posts.
  7. 1st of all, this is Canada so I'm not sure why I would carry a Trump flag. The 3rd lockdown is coming already, they're sticking the plan 2nd, Adam and his bbq are doing just fine, he hasn't lost anything. His one location is closed due to this but that is because your butt buddy John Tory is upset with him.. You know people donated over $400,000 to his go fund me right? You know he is going to supreme court right? You know it will all be thrown out right? Does your mom come down to your basement to tell you all of this stuff you post here? Or are you really this big of an idiot?
  8. Its mine, I spill the beans lol. That's exactly what my friends are saying, they don't want to come to a party to break it up. Anyway thanks for you info, hopefully it all goes well. My wife is shitting her pants, thats for sure haha
  9. Yup and its great to see! I will be going to the rallies from now on. More people, the better. Last weekends rallies were hardly even on the news for some strange reason......
  10. Thanks for the reply man. My copper buddies were the ones saying its unconstitutional but they are not OPP. I'm not sure if it would be considered bad things that we are going to do, just a birthday party LOL!! Oh well, what ever happens, happens. Thanks again!
  11. Hey Sean, I'm hearing these tickets that are getting handed out for people gathering and not wearing masks are getting thrown out of court due to it being against our constitutional rights. Do you know if that's true? Just wondering if I will be going to jail this weekend or getting a big fine ahhahahaha
  12. Man fail is a complete moron. I'd pay to have a in person conversation with you fail. Non retarded people seem to waking up lately which is great
  13. Nah, I was only kidding. She has her own sled.
  14. Will one of these seats fit a Polaris? I wanna take my wife for a ride
  15. This is the worst thing I've read today. Irv, you need to start looking at the big picture. Yay, you saved 400 bucks.....WTF man. Go out and live, you never know when its your time. Myself, I got out 3 times for real rides. Wife started a new job and she works every 2 out of 3 weekends. Oh well, think I'm gonna snow check again this year. On the bright side, I found a restaurant this week that didn't give a shit about the covid restrictions. Didn't have to wear a mask, no one turned away from lack of space, it was amazing! Can't wait to go back and support them, even if its on my mo
  16. This is great! ahahahahahaaaha
  17. You are so retarded its not even funny. So because your faggot ass doesn't own a gun, no one does. HUNTING IS NOT AFFECTED CAUSE I DON"T HUNT!! You are a idiot. Its like saying you haven't wrecked this site.....
  18. They go there to have the care they don't get elsewhere?? You mean like they can't take care of themselves? That is the real reason they go, it's not because they want to. These people are all in their end times, its part of life. Our kids are going to be set back for years because we are doing this to save old people. If dumb fucks like you don't clue in real soon this whole country will be a huge disaster.
  19. 1 simple question and you choose to deflect it. I see why you're so in love with trudeau
  20. Why do people go to retirement or LTC centers?
  21. Its losers like this guy that keeps this going around and around. "selfishly traveled" Shut the fuck up you goof
  22. His little liberal bitch ass loves it too...
  23. Not sure if you wanna touch this one (you can tell me to take a hike..lol) but if it came down to that, would you enforce that because your captain told you to?
  24. Wow you guys really have a lot of faith in the system. No grooming for at least 28 days in the South, most likely longer as they will keep this going. I'm riding where ever I want, don't care. Stay home if you are sick otherwise have at it. I feel bad for O dot and other good cops cause they will be having a hard time with people this year.
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