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  1. They are already doing this. My buddy had the OPP at his door 2x during his quarantine just "checking in".
  2. scottyr

    Well that sucks

    The entire Province will be closed by Monday for the duration of this lockdown. This is going to start a domino effect. The Northerners are already pissed with Southern people not following the travel restrictions and this will be the easiest way to keep people at home.
  3. Thats good to hear. My wife is an RN at an oral surgery practice and she said that you would definitely know if it was broken.
  4. You might want to call an oral surgeon and see if they can get him in for an x-ray.
  5. That would be a great idea for a dealership or parts house. Bring in your old can and get a $20 gift card or something like that?
  6. Just installed a gas one a few weeks ago. Works great!
  7. It is far simpler just to ban aftermarket exhaust than it is to try and set/enforce a DB limit. Who is going to properly train the officers to test for sound? Sound testing is a bit of a science. You have to take into consideration the atmospheric pressure, wind, rpms to test at and distance from machine to test. I can see everyone fighting their tickets and winning if the OPP went this route.
  8. scottyr

    Quebec Trip

    I am going to Quebec on Thursday. I have a pretty busy work week ahead of me so I loaded my sled and gear today.
  9. I sold my KTM dirt bike to a guy from Yellowknife a few years ago. I crated it up and shipped it to him for $400 with Day and Ross Transport.
  10. scottyr

    Polaris 850

    I had no issues running 120 miles on my 2018 Pro X 800. I cant see the 850 being any worse on fuel.
  11. TSC in Stratford still sells by the pound.
  12. scottyr

    Birch point

    I was told that Birch Point was terminated due to warranty fraud.
  13. She makes 3x the money you do. Somehow I am starting to think you got the better end of the deal. . You are a kept man. You better be careful or she might kick you to the curb.
  14. scottyr

    Closing sale

    Thats too bad to see another shop close up.
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