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  1. Does Znotty still claim dragons old lady has ASS ODOR
  2. Poncho, Are you saying the one in the ad is not available anymore? Was just trying to get ahold of the guy to buy it!
  3. DeezNutz


    Hey guys, I'm tearing down a house in Aurora and will be ripping out some nice sliders/doors. Wondering if anyone wants them for a cabin, they have screens on them. If anyone would like them, you can have em for free if you remove them. There's obviously more windows in the house but I think they are original. Main Floor 2 @ 45x37 1 @ 30x25 2 @ 54x37 1 @ 28x37 There is a lager 117x66 window in the front, but it is an older casement Basement Windows 1 @ 117 x 22? 2 @ 37x22 Doors There is new side and front door, that look to be
  4. DeezNutz

    Quebec Trip

    Tink, I really appreciate it, so you think my best bet is to head to Val D'or from KL on Saturday Morning and then back Sunday? How long one way am I looking at?
  5. DeezNutz

    Quebec Trip

    Unfortunately time off is very hard to come by.
  6. DeezNutz

    Quebec Trip

    Is there anything good out that way?
  7. DeezNutz

    Quebec Trip

    Whats AMOS like? How long do you think that ride is?
  8. DeezNutz

    Quebec Trip

    Hi all, planning a Quebec Trip, starting in Kirkland Lake. I booked the super 8. Can anyone suggest a good trip and a place to stay in Quebec? I will be arriving in KL Friday night, and I want to be back to KL Sunday night so I can leave Monday Morning. I''m also open to the idea of coming back to KL satuday evening.
  9. Do what I do, live in your parents basement and spend your money on trucks and boats.
  10. There was a nice fella on here a while ago that offered to help me bring something across the border last year and I wanted to get in touch with him. Alscool his name was maybe?
  11. Done, pump is spotless, its pretty noisy though at the start of the wash.
  12. $217 for the drain pump supply and install, that is very fair.
  13. So there is only one place in my area that is allowed to sell me the parts - Appliance Repair Services. I have to pay for supply and install, even though the washing machine is already apart and the drain pump out. I'm waiting on a quote for that. My dad wants to just throw both the dyer and washer out but I'd like to try to save them. Theres a good chance you will find a cheap washer and dryer on here shortly.
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