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  1. Well I see the Snow Rider is still a Tool Kit.
  2. Whatever it takes to take Trump out. That is the end goal....
  3. Keep wearing your blinders and drinking the toxic kool-aid.....toe that partyline... or are you describing yourself??
  4. Allagash White, Labatt's Blue Light and Moosehead
  5. Sure was a bad decision...glad I've never been a fan of Bud Light.
  6. I remember that....I always thought the kid was going to end up in prison or dead,
  7. Good for you on being a gramps....nothing like spoiling grandkids....I've few to spoil.
  8. Well hello Slinger....how have you been? True that...inbold....on both sides..
  9. I think they just opened that trail up last week. It was closed due to logging.
  10. Last time I stayed there some of the rooms smelled like a backed up septic tank. I stayed at the "Plywood Palace" in PI a few times until 2020. Lester got us kicked out that year. She spoke her mind and was told you can leave and don't have come back. LOL....we go to the Hampton Inn now when in PI.
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