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  1. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/08/26/us-officials-provided-taliban-with-names-of-americans-afghan-allies-to-evacuate-506957 I just read this nugget. Unbelievable!!!
  2. Where did anyone predict Biden's death? Go back to viewing MSNBC.....
  3. Did anyone catch the transcript from the ABC interview? He thought his son Beau(The dead one not the crackhead) was a major in the Navy. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9910923/ABC-accused-Biden-interview-cover-President-said-son-Beau-served-Afghanistan-Navy.html
  4. This is from late March.....Katahdin sunset... This one of my favorite pictures.
  5. And here we are with these 2 absentee so called leaders...... Joe and Kamala both should resign. Then we get a real leader NANCY!!!!!!!
  6. My wife and I have 2 Enduros snow checked. I hope they show up. If not we're riding our 20s.
  7. I'm looking for an ignition coil for a 1972 Kitty Cat. Can anyone help?
  8. I'm trying to find an ignition coil for a 1972 Kitty Cat. I've been told they're hard to come by. Can anyone help?
  9. When I bought my tri-toon 3 years ago it came with a 150 Evinrude. It's been a very reliable engine. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with it. If it does I see lots $$$$ to a 250 Merc upgrade.
  10. I expect most of the in our area will not survive. I hope my favorite survives. They're open from Memorial Day weekend to mid October. With Baxter State Park shut down until July 1 that's going to really hurt them.
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