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  1. What?? An election that was stolen say it ain't so....
  2. It's kicking ass that's for sure. It's kicking our asses. Strong consumer spending and government spending drove the drove ....amazing.....amazing
  3. Cool we're hoping to ride east of I95 more. Less traffic over that way...
  4. We'll be out. Planning on more rides out the camp...snow permitting that is
  5. Dropped my sleds off yesterday at the dealer to get the m ready for the season....That looks like Pittston Farm in the background.
  6. My is into resin projects....I hope she doesn't see this. I could be in trouble. LOL
  7. When I saw the thread title, I thought could this be about Winston Churchill. Boy was I wrong!
  8. Works for me....for the little i post here.
  9. And WW3 is just around the corner....we wokeness but it's the wrong kind of woke...
  10. Sorry to hear about your condition....a positive attitude works wonders... I joined FS in 2008 met some good people. Some are still active here others have moved on. Best part was I got to know. another member very well. She's been stuck with me since.
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