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  1. If Trump doesn't run and Desantis runs....MC will pivot to anti-Desantis posts.
  2. No we went home Sunday night. Going back up Thursday night and ride Friday and Saturday...granddaughters 1st bday party on Sunday.
  3. Did 130 miles Jan 15 & 100 on the 16th.....We need more snow.
  4. A lot of people did...it's the other way around. I go by there all the time.
  5. We live with it and hope to go back normal lives. But me thinks that ship has sailed.
  6. The truck and trailer were NOT on I95 when the accident happened, They were on the overpass that goes over 95 and landed on or next to I95.
  7. Those guys were lucky...I drive by there every weekend. I should be going by it later this afternoon.
  8. As matter of fact I'm having 4 new studded Nokias put on. And I didn't have an accident...LOL
  9. Like The Walking Dead, I gave up watching that show years ago.
  10. The northern border will be closed by Dec. 4, 2021. But the Southern border remains open. Come on IN!!!!!
  11. He and his attorneys should sue Biden's ass!
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