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  1. We don't have the fake fireplace but it does have 4 slides!
  2. It won't take long. We'll be staying in Madawaska that week. 30 miles to Fort Kent and cross into NB exit in Houlton
  3. Now that covid restrictions have been lifted. We're thinking about a Gaspe trip in March. Planning on a day ride to Estcourt Station again and may be a ride into New Brunswick enter through Fort Kent and exit around Houlton.
  4. I have a friend that has a house in Cape Coral. He and family flew back Maine yesterday.
  5. If Fetterman wins, he won't last as Senator. I beat they have a replacement lined up. Or does Penn. have a special election to replace him?
  6. I have a friend that's got a sidewinder. It's good for him. Me I prefer an old man putt-putt sled. I've got a 2022 Enduro 900R Turbo. For me it's the right blend....
  7. $4.39 at the Citgo everyone else $4.80+ ....damn greedy gas station owners. Do what what Joe says NOW!!! You know that thing.....
  8. Still suffering 6 years later
  9. They don't give a shit about the average US citizen. Burn it all down....
  10. Nothing to see here move along....
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