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  1. The Guatemalan president owned her and made her look as dumb as she is smh
  2. Just curious, are the one that are idiots the ones you don't agree with? Also if you're just figuring this out now you're a very slow learner and may want back off on the idiot calling
  3. Not the answer she wanted?
  4. I think you should stick to scissoring your sheman freinds before your hurt yourself
  5. I really thought biden's 100 days of masks would get this under control
  6. Holy shit this tinker chick is scared af and lives for the magic cloth
  7. Only morons would demand major action over a once in a century storm
  8. If I took actions spun dumb posts and put them on Twitter the dumbest people moping on earth would love it.
  9. Anyone who says something so stupid is trolling lol Florida is everything not one thing
  10. It's funny because you still don't understand what she said
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