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  1. Dane county WI, Badger conf. cancelled football. My son went through a torn labrum his freshman year and missed time, partially torn acl sophomore year missed more time, fully torn acl junior year missed entire season, senior year called due to covid. He was/is ready to go and continues to work out 2x a day in hopes of playing in the spring. He will play lax in the spring. He has literally been through hell and now this. I think I took the news harder than he did. Fishing and hunting kept him going. When he plays again I feel sorry for the other team, he is on a mission!!!!
  2. There was word going around they were looking into cancelling the 9 day gun hunt due to the amount of socialization that accompanies it. They do that and they might as well board them selves up in the capital, that would not be pretty!
  3. Different weight class....
  4. $600.00 for the 5 hours so $120 - $150 would be about right, thanks
  5. How much should you tip the captain/crew. 6 people, 3 adults, 3 kids, 5 hrs.
  6. Trying to get money out of the self checkout? Wow, just wow..
  7. Call in sick, must take 2 weeks off. Paid at 80%
  8. Between the wasp and the snake NFW!!
  9. I thought it was the "c" word.
  10. I would write bad checks for that one!
  11. Martina Mcbride,...... showing my age. This time of year, Christmas songs.
  12. Seems to take the best, "snow case", scenario, I get it though. I still check his forecasts daily.
  13. We are in the WI Div 2 Finals this Friday. Good stuff!
  14. this is off Madison Wi craigs list, not me but I saw it. Arctic Cat Fuel Tank Leaking? Ski-doo Oil Tank Leaking,I Have The Fix - $24 <image 1 of 3> Arctic cat fuel tank neck repair kits: Aluminum inserts W/ Flange, There are about 6 different sizes, you must know your inside dimension of neck. To install in the broken cracked fuel tank necks on most cats. ski-doo oil tank inserts, these use no o rings and the best you will get, not the ones made in china! ski-doo at 24.00 shipped Cat Inserts start at Depending on size, as little as 65.00 shipped Paypal accepted do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 7005844253 posted: 7 days ago updated: a day ago e
  15. 600cc $9995.00 1yr warranty freight - $499.75 setup - $395.00 registration - $65.00 doc fee - $45.00 tax - $604.99 otd - $11,604.74
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