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  1. looks like cold weathers coming to help freeze those lakes. would like about 2 weeks of cold weather than let the snow fly. Deerfoot posted a video looks like the lakes are starting to get icy.
  2. how many miles are these hyfaxs supposed to last? i realize snow condtions have a big factor on how long they last but keep checking mine and they measure out good. have about 2200 miles on the orginal set 19 xc indy
  3. they are starting to get out and groom the trails which is helping out. i was up for xmas and i had about 2 days of solid sledding then it went to crap. 3 inches yesterday more this weekend. i do know the lakes are the best ive seen in years. heading up this weekend ill report back
  4. Bars/Restaurants- * With a Great view - I really enjoy visiting Garmisch in cable and lost land lake east of hayward. * Fun Bars - johnnies Resort in crandon a little small but always fun. lost land lake lodge - owners are great
  5. As a longtime sledder i know we all have our favorites locations to ride, sites to see, bars, places to eat. whats your?
  6. for me 98 zr 600. bought it used in 2000 1st sled i bought for myself out of college. 1st trip over heated -took it back to the cabin ended up finding electrical tape in the coolent lines and reservoir. WTF! worked great for the next yr. then it ate a piston. replaced the piston lasted another 300 miles then ate another piston. found a hole in the air intake to the EFI. the drive shaft was loose rubbing against air box. found out after that from the mechanic (side job)that the previous owner rolled the sled out west on a few occasions thus the drive shaft issues. wish the dealer would have told me that. problem is dealer recommended the sled to me knowing it had these issues. say the least i did not ever order a sled from him again. also my family had bought about 7 sled from him before this and tons of parts. we have not purchased one since.
  7. couplier are as stiff as they go. i do bottom out a few time during a trip in the big bumps (usually the big bump that surprises you) but just a little softer than i like. road on xcr last yr and enjoyed that ride more.
  8. thinking about changing a few thing on the rear skid as i feel its a little soft on my 19 xc. would upgrading to velocity shock help stiffin thing up or would it be best to upgrade springs as well along with shocks or just springs. little background im 6'2" about 225 lbs - pretty aggressive rider. thoughts
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