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  1. I almost fired when I saw that she Tweeted my video this morning.
  2. I've on seen motorcycle videos with a 360⁰ camera and they look great. Fuckers can't even get a simple name right, lol. Thanks for letting me know that they aired it. Stofyful does a good job getting my videos out there. My videos seem to do the best in England for some reason.
  3. The pole is adjustable and I have tried a few different lengths. Biggest issue with going to low is when going up and down steep inclines.
  4. I just got the new Insta360 X3. I was originally thinking about just a regular GoPro until I did some research. The Insta360 is less money than the regular GoPro.
  5. What happened to Max? Grid penalty for upgrades?
  6. I'm a little nervous having the camera on a meter long pole on the roof with just a magnet to hold it. I was going to make up a safety line, but I figured that the camera would be toast anyway As a side note, these 360 cameras would be wicked cool for sledding. Think of a GoPro that can see 360⁰. The pole gets erased by the camera. It would almost look like a drone was following you. You pick what direction you want the viewer to see when editing
  7. Thanks! I'm still learning the software for the 360 camera. I found something cool after I made that video Thank you. Have you been out leaf peeping yet? Everything is behind up this way. We are in Pittsburg now and it's pretty close to peak. Here's my photo from Dixville Notch.
  8. Take a 3 minute trip through Dixville Notch, NH. https://fb.watch/fUftJISWnz/
  9. $3.35 a gallon yesterday in northern New Hampshire.
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