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  1. a veto is obstruction of congress.
  2. the op has seven stunning new pieces in his diaper.
  3. Larry (Schumer), Moe (Nadler), Curly (Schiff).
  4. oleroule

    Exactly how will Iran retaliate?

    they'll deploy the american media and the demokkkrats to declare trump orange man bad or something hitler-ish.
  5. oleroule

    So much stupid

    a bank teller? so that's why he likes taking 'deposits'.
  6. i'd prefer skipping the prosecutions and going straight to the executions.
  7. oleroule


    does this mean the dead democrats will need to re-register?
  8. oleroule

    The left is weird

    lgbtqretard is a mental disease.
  9. oleroule

    Kamala Harris drops out.

    too bad. i heard she was the sleeper candidate in the group.
  10. Criminal Enterprise = Clinton Foundation
  11. oleroule

    Leftists are the Fascists

    moto be here soon to post his stupid memes.
  12. oleroule

    Deep State Bullshit

    break up the union.