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  1. oleroule

    Dems, their own worst enemy

    on par with venezuela? no thanks you move there instead
  2. you may like the use of english common law but it was something the founders were adamantly against, for good reason. giving the judiciary that much power is one of the things they were breaking away from. probably why it's not one of the powers in article three.
  3. it's not law, the courts can't make law.
  4. what law defined natural born citizen that they interpreted? none, there isn't one...i believe you already stated that. the end
  5. the korematsu v. united states and dred scott v. sandford mistakes have been overturned.
  6. see #2 in the post above yours.
  7. court precedent doesn't work for two reasons: 1. courts make blatant mistakes (i noted some earlier). 2. courts can't make legislation (even though that is modus operandi in recent decades). if the 14th amendment along with father's allegiance (citizenship) to a foreign country doesn't work for you, then i can't present anything that will convince you. the end
  8. oleroule


    truth is a bitch
  9. oleroule


    from birth she's been taught to hate jews. she doesn't need to state a reason.
  10. tell me how the argument applies only to obama (i assume you are referring to hillary campaign's 'birther' movement started in '08)?