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  1. Blackstar

    Ran into a New Scam today

  2. Blackstar

    Ran into a New Scam today

    I have a Canadian Tire Triangle Card. I'm sure most are aware that its a points card. Buy stuff get CT Points/money. I use mine for my business. I have 5 of them for Myself, employees and family so I gather up a fair bit of money on the card each year. Around this time I start looking at what I want to buy. Last Time I bought a Big Dewalt tool box. A couple weeks ago I buy something at Canadian Tire and the girl says "do you want to use some of your points?" No I just save them up, I say. I glance at her screen and it says $300 and something available. I think to myself, Hmmm, I thought it was over $2000 last time I looked? But don't think much of it. Thought I needed to have a talk with the wife cause she probably ordered something but she would usually tell me. But then we are renovating the house so maybe she didn't. I ask she says "No." I ask my employees and they all say No. I log in to my account which I haven't logged into to in several years since the numbers come on the statement. I scroll back through purchases and last month someone made 2 purchases a day apart in Scarborough totaling $2200.00 using points money. I call Triangle and after a short discussion it seems that someone hacked into my account and requested a Loyalty points card. Not a credit card, this is just a card that allows access to the points then they went and cleaned out my points money. Triangle will investigate and they are sending me new cards. He won't say what would happen with my missing points money but I assume its gone. They are going to email me the results. Bummer.
  3. Blackstar

    Sled ride

    Praying for local snow. THIS WILL BE THE WINTER OF DISTRICT 5.
  4. Blackstar

    Sled ride

    I never plan anything so I never end up going anywhere. I don't see this year being any different. .......Other than the wife probably wont be dragging me to Florida this winter.
  5. Blackstar

    2021 Trail Pass

    The OFSC brought in the MTO so that they could get permit enforcement from police rather than trail patrol. The Government did not take over the trails. All the money goes to the OFSC.
  6. Blackstar

    2021 Trail Pass

    Boys, I never said it was an excuse. I'm just wondering what the OFSC has planned.
  7. Blackstar

    2021 Trail Pass

    I got my 3 passes the other day. I have stopped paying much attention to the Covid news but I did hear on the radio this morning that our area is getting close to the max hospitalized cases that the area can handle. Doug will be locking the province down again before the groomers roll. And speaking of groomers, how is the OFSC going to deal with multiple groomer operators using one groomer? Compete sterilization between shifts?
  8. Blackstar

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Interesting. I've always wondered about this. The OFSC claims no responsibility for the stake lines yet OFSC members put the stake lines in and they are shown on the OFSC maps.
  9. Blackstar

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Perfect, the generation that hates to work will now be paid $2250 per month to play video games at home. This should be a good life lesson for them.
  10. Blackstar

    Is anyone going to Snow Check?

    I've never snow checked.
  11. Blackstar

    Gas prices

    They put a 15% Fuel surcharge on concrete deliveries years ago, that summer it jumped from $1 to $1.40. Its been on my bills ever since. I don't expect it will ever
  12. Blackstar

    Collet Mic ??

    So while we are talking about communicators, I need a set for the Oxygen helmets I just bought for her and me. (For some reason I still feel the need to get yelled at while riding. lol) Royal is selling Cardo. I've heard good things bout Uclear and Sena. So what do I buy? Leaning towards Uclear for the Mic less design.
  13. Blackstar

    Retarded Kijiji Ad's

    Back from the dead. Found this on Facebook. I have question for fellow shedders out there for info I’m fairly new slender I have owned two 3 yrs ago I had 98 attic cat 440 great sled never got stuck or problems on trail sold it after the season missed riding like crazy for next 3 yrs this yr just before Christmas bout 2004 attic cat firecat f6 snow pro took it out first rip for 3 hrs np second rip was like 4 hrs was freezing rain on ride home engine light came on flashed for 20 min when I got home went sold checked codes said I had coolent problem turned it back on no engine light next day took it for quick but np no light thee third day son in law looked it over took it for boot I live in hammer trails across the road from me 5 min later he calls back fired wouldn’t start towed it back home turned over ran stalled wouldn’t start broke recoil rope trading to start it lol brought it to garage change the ignition coil and cleaned pick up coil said it was running good wasn’t geating enough spark got it back went for rip in trail for hr np the d trail was closed in Kukagami so drove back np when the on rd for 20 min engine light flashed about 8 times stopped went off drove in snow on banks on the way back never came back on was told it’s warning light for overheating said it’s finicky needs to drive in powder doesn’t like trail is this true??i have after market heat exchanges on rails and aftermarket shines on top of regular shocks on front if any one can help me out and tell me if this is Gona be problem running trail or do I have to stay in powder or is there one thing wrong thx in advance so for long text
  14. Blackstar

    Neil Peart died

    Love the Hip but (talent wise) they were a fraction of Rush. The Hip was a Canadian success story, Rush was international. My Top Canadian bands. 1. Rush 2. Tragically Hip 3. Blue Rodeo 4. April Wine 5.Niel Young