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  1. Blackstar

    03 Jetta

    Still for sale?
  2. Blackstar

    03 Jetta

    Year old paint on front clip. So you just randomly decided to repaint only the front clip?
  3. Blackstar

    Sledding Winter 19

    April 10 and Cochrane is still grooming.
  4. Blackstar


    The outcome we all fear riding on flat light days. I've never gone that far but close a couple times.
  5. Blackstar

    Sled for sale

    Do you still have one George? I have a friend who's looking.
  6. Blackstar

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Doug cancelled the Poolsaver Program last week. For those that never heard of it, the Poolsaver program gave a $400 rebate to swimming pool owners who upgraded their single speed pump to a variable speed pump which uses less hydro. Even though I profited by it, this was a ridiculous program. The pumps pay for themselves (by reducing hydro consumption) in less than 5 years. Where was the need to offer an additional incentive? Not to mention pools are a luxury item. Go Doug.
  7. Blackstar

    Legal System missed it again...Humboldt
  8. Blackstar

    New Doos'

    Ya, if I didn't have the backup I'd have a hard time finding someone to ride with. My buddy who has been ride it this last 2 years says he'll buy it if I sell but I'm not convinced he'll get back in to the sport after being out for 10 years. He plows snow too so..... That's why I say trade the 2 and get a 900T. It would be the backup sled for anyone who wants to ride it. If I was just buying a sled for her, it would be a 900na.
  9. Blackstar

    New Doos'

    and a heated seat. Also a decent windshield and air deflection.
  10. Blackstar

    New Doos'

    None of the above. It would need to be an Enduro.
  11. Blackstar

    New Doos'

    Sweet. Ya, over $20k does seem ridiculous doesn't it. I've been thinking of getting rid of Dianah's Vector and my backup MXZ 800 and replace them with a 900T. Watching kijiji for some left over deals but they are still around $19k with the taxes minus what ever I can get out of the 2 sleds. Probably just wait one more year and then decide. The '12 Vector has 7500 kms on it. Still sellable but not depreciating much at this point. The other 2 are under 3k kms.
  12. Blackstar

    New Doos'

    Did I read that it comes standard in the 2020? I read that thread with the part numbers to convert the 19's.
  13. Blackstar

    New Doos'

    Ouch, that sucks.
  14. Blackstar

    Electric Snowmobile coming for winter 2019

    So has anyone seen or read anything about these sleds?
  15. Blackstar

    New Doos'

    I've been reading those posts. What I found puzzling was the Dupont slides and carbides he pulled from his old sled to put on the new 900T. The slides now have like 30,000 miles (yes miles) on them and the carbides have 20,000. Something like that anyways. For the cost, why would you remove the slides and put them on a new sled? Maybe to see how far they can go.