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  1. Smoke show competition. This Camero roasted 'em.
  2. Facebook group truck show tonight 15 minutes from my house. Mostly young guys with lifted 1/2 ton Chevy, tires 6 inches outside the fenders but it was still something to do.
  3. Same here. I think its better action. My dad won't watch. He says its retarded.
  4. Pinty's Buffalo chicken nuggets and a couple smarty cookies.
  5. Used to see mint condition CBX's for $2500-3500 a few years ago. Now guys are asking $5000 and up. I never was a fan but they look mean naked with a 6 into 1.
  6. Nice!!
  7. 10th, 16th and 21st. That aint doin shit for me.
  8. I jammed some picks in this morning before I left for work incase I didnt make it home. Cant remember who I picked. I think I took Jimmie, Brad, and Kahne
  9. I went to Michigan for years and the guy I got the tickets from always said if you want Cup tickets you have to take the Xfinity tickets too. He bought the same seats for Saturday and Sunday. All parts of hanging on to his seats year after year.
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. There was a time when the local bar/restaurant licensing here had a bunch of stupid regulations in order to comply. One was that you had to sell a minimum ratio of food to bar sales. So all the strip clubs would have $2 All You Can Eat buffet lunch specials from 11 until 2. I think I went once. It was worth $2. I'm sure they did buffet so they could fudge the numbers.
  12. True. And how will they ever put fans in the seats? Its tough enough to do now with the big name drivers in the field.