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  1. Newman, Kenseth, Suarez. Trying to spread the love. MotoGP season kicks off in Qatar today at 2 PM for those who can find it. This is a night race. Torrential rains cancelled qualifying so combined times from the 2 practice sessions were used to set the grid. Former Suzuki rider, Maverick Vinales starts on pole in his first race for Yamaha, Iannone is 2nd on a Suzuki, then Marquez on his Honda. Johann Zarco starts 4th in his first MotoGp on a Yamaha. Rossi starts 10th, Lorenzo starts 12th. Should make for a wild first turn. KTM makes the big leap from Moto3 to the premier league with Red Bull as sponsor. The 2 entries start dead last.
  2. Nothing to eat all day so I deserved a "good" feed. Oh, I did have a Lo-Cal Monster Energy for breakfast. And if you read that first statement, I made a salad. That's a step in the right direction for me.
  3. Cool tribute or Sacrilege ?
  4. That's awesome. Kinda sad too to see how old those 2 legends have become. There are reports circulating that Willie's health is not the best.
  5. I'm sure they are the non-faggot type briquettes.
  6. Wife's gone to here too. She's in Florida. So I pulled out a strip loin roast this morning, cut it into 1.5 inch steaks when I got home at 730. Made a salad and a couple of baked potatoes for me and my son. We eat better when she's not And I emptied a bottle of J Lohr. Which reminds me. Where are all the drinking emo's? Those were my favorites.