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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    And the results are Complete shit show. The city has no idea how to stop it since its an unorganized event. Its costing over $120,000 just for security. The only revenue is from the fines. There is video at the link. According to Waterloo Regional police, this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day party on Ezra Avenue was the biggest ever with over 22,000 people in attendance. Police were hoping to scale back the event this year, but that didn’t happen. More than 50 people were taken to hospital and one person still remains in the ICU. Grand River Hospital spent around $12,000 to cover extra staff and physicians for the day. Regional police say they handed out nearly three times as many tickets as they did last year, laying a total of 619 charges.
  2. I cleaned my mom's bbq grills and completely cleaned my BBQ over the weekend. Hate doing it. Do any of these cleaning systems on the market work well? Or is there a product that you can soak the grills in to get them clean? I ended up taking a grinder with a wire wheel to most of the parts. That's a shitty, dirty job but it worked.
  3. Wildboer needs a new helmet...

    Yep. I contributed. That kid was funny as fuck. Didn't he try to build a boat?
  4. Winter 2018

    I raked my lawn
  5. Sawmill Racing 19th for the week, now 13th for the season Endoftheroad 11th for the week, now 52nd for the season.
  6. I get it. He never made picks. The pool automatically give you the last 3 cars as a default this year.
  7. Just looking at the pool list. This guy took the same strategy as Dave was thinking. Bristol Bound Cole Whitt Timmy Hill Ross Chastain
  8. Yep, I try to check the results from last round of practice each week.
  9. Almost didn't pick the Goat because he had to come from 33rd to get points in stage 1.
  10. Sawmill Racing - All 3 in the top 5 for stage 1. Between my 2 teams I have all 6 of the top spots.
  11. Yep, doesn't look like Larson was hurt.
  12. Kyle Busch, Keselowski and the GOAT.
  13. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Students at the local University started a St Patrick's Day party between a few neighboring houses years ago and its gotten out of hand. Ezra St is now closed on St Patrick's Day and cops are brought in from other areas to help control the crowds. This year they expected close to 15,000 partiers. Last year 2 buses showed up from New York state.