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  1. $1500 for winning the
  2. Blackstar

    Quickest cars of 1970

    Surprised by the number of automatics on that list. I always admired the muscle cars but never felt the need to own one.
  3. Have they ever found anything wrong with a Champions car? Unless it would be a huge infraction, I think they would just let it slide.
  4. 9th, 11th, 15th if I read that right. Not bad for mediocre drivers.
  5. And he hits the wall and flattens a tire. I can't believe these guys are running 1, 2, 3, 4 this late in the race.
  6. Turned alright. Took longer than was planned.
  7. And Logano jumps to the lead.
  8. If he can keep it out of the wall.
  9. Kyle Busch hanging tough in 7th. That car is just not enough to compete with the front runners.
  10. went out to check and the smoker f’d up again. Smoker was cold, brisket dropped to 155. Shut it all down, cleaned out the fire pit, restarted. Damn it.
  11. 5 lbs brisket, currently at 175, smoker set for 225. Had problems with the smoker, temps went to 385 when set for 250. I think it needs a good cleaning. Luckily I caught it and cooled things and restarted. Seems to be running fine now.
  12. Blackstar

    Official 2018 Formula 1 Thread

    This one has a view from inside the corner.