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  1. Mayfield left his mark on Nascar. It was a shit stain but still a mark.
  2. Had to say good bye to this old Ford today. Cab corners and rockers were shot along with both doors. I sold it for $2200 with the plow and salter get to get it out of the driveway. i bought it in 2010 as a wreck for $3500 and put $7500 into it but it served me well until now. Only has 260k kms. I drove it to the new owner and the exhaust blew apart half way there He’s going to use it on his commercial lot.
  3. Yep. putting all the winter projects away to make room for the summer stuff in my shop. Every spring I try to purge some of the crap I hang on to but still seem to end up making new shelves and stash places for all the new junk I've accumulated.
  4. Sunny and -2 here going to +8 by afternoon with rain/snow mix over night. Snow will be nothing but wet flakes as the temps won't drop below 0. Should be rid of all snowpiles by Sunday night with temps up to +9.
  5. Blackstar

    American Graffiti

    Here is the whole story on the 55's used in Two Lane Black Top and American Graffiti.
  6. Blackstar

    American Graffiti

    Great movie. That's where American Graffiti got the 55 Chev from. Same car in both films.
  7. Blackstar

    American Graffiti

    They should for sure but many pristine autos sit in garages year round. I'm guilty. My stuff rarely leaves the driveway. Gears aren't turning and seals aren't being lubed. Its as hard on them to sit sometimes as it is to put miles on them. I don't think I've put 1000 kms on my Katana in the last 10 years but I've spent a bunch of money fixing stuff. Brake lines, fork seals, valve guides. Just had new pistons and rings put in it. That's why I'm thinking of selling it but I just love the fact that its in my garage. My old truck only goes out 2-3 times in the summer and now I have a second one. I have plans for a
  8. Blackstar

    American Graffiti

    Seems the interest in those Jap imports is growing. The tv show JDM Legends is showing detailed import builds from their shop in Utah.
  9. Blackstar

    American Graffiti

    My one and only car was a 72 Superbeetle I bought in 1984. It was a rotten pos with a bondo body job. Only had it for about 8 months before I sold it for a '81 Jimmy. Only trucks since then.
  10. Its feeling a lot more like this was Kurt's idea to leave and Suarez is a gap filler for now.
  11. And Suarez is now in the 41 and he's right back where was in points at JGR. His best finish so far was 10th. I don't understand why SHR let Kurt leave.
  12. Ya, thought Larson would have run better. I'm amazed at how well Kurt Busch is running at Ganassi. Other than crashing at Daytona, he hasn't finished worse than 7th the last 4 races. You'd think there would have been a period of adjustment.
  13. 22nd for the week right behind the Can Am Kid. But it only moved me to 59th in points.
  14. Blackstar

    American Graffiti

    Ya, I watched it too. Love that movie.