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  1. I climbed 2 spots to 75th. Woo Hoo lol
  2. Well, gambling on Stenhouse kinda paid of. He finished 9th. I got a 7th with Elliot. But Blaney tanked with a 33rd. I heard something about a bad steering pump.
  3. Currently raining, 100% of rain for the morning, 100% for the afternoon, 90 in the evening, 100% over And big amounts. Chase Elliot, Ryan Blaney, Stenhouse. This is actually one of Stenhouse's better tracks and I feel the need to gamble. Harrison Burton (son of Jeff) gets his first Nascar victory in the K&N Series at age 16.
  4. No, P's. Its a Dodge 1500 Crew. I have no need for LT's on it. Biggest load it ever sees is when I have 4 adults in the cab.
  5. I here good things about the Dura Tracs and the Toyo's. Never run stuff that pricey myself. I bought GY SRA's at Crappy last year, set of 4 for $600. This year I'm burning off my winters. I'm running BFG AT's on my work truck but only because I found a set for $300
  6. Went to see Jackson Brown play here in town Monday night. Mostly a yawnfest but the people playing with him on stage were great. It was the chick violin player and the guitar player from Nickel Creek. Jackson Brown played 2 hours of bullshit songs, then played Doctor My Eyes and Take It Easy to end the night. I can't stand it when these douchebags charge over a $100 a seat then don't play the hits from their career. "Retard, its the only reason we came." Only song I recognized the rest of the night was "Man of Constant Sorrow".
  7. You guy may remember that last summer I gave up on Bell and switched providers. I had a 5 meg plan with them for $69/month. It was hit and miss on speed depending on the weather and would go down once a month. Now I'm on a line of sight type system beamed from across the road. I'm supposed to get 10 meg and often tests out at 15-16 but it really doesn't seem any faster. Netflix still buffers and the system has been down more than Bell was, sometimes for a couple of days. And the good news is I'm now paying $100/month. I called Xplornet and they said they could do better. I got a hold of their local service guy and he said they were maxed out for my area and wouldn't take me My son got pissed with the new service and got his own with Bell.
  8. When you wrap do you throw in some fluids. I've been putting in some apple cider or I did beer the last time. Smoked a 3 lbs pork roast on Friday night. It was all trimmed up by the butcher. It was great that it was lean but also a bit tough. Not terrible but not fall apart tender. I think they trimmed out too much of the fat. I'll go back to buying a whole shoulder for next time.
  9. Lasagna, Caesar Salad and garlic bread. Strawberry/Rhubarb pie for dessert.
  10. How big of a trailer are you pulling? My son wants a car that's sitting in