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  1. guess the owner didnt want to cut grass anymore.
  2. snowbear


    My thoughts and prayers are with his family, RIP 02
  3. lol, np there is 4 disks per season
  4. they are good so far, i am half way thru the first season but hope to blast thru the rest in a week,
  5. daughter gave me the first 3 seasons on dvd, never had seen the any of them till part way thru the 3rd season, seeing it from the beginning puts it all together. like everyone says the first few episodes were hard to get interested but then hang on it is good.!!
  6. Looks good Tim, you guys must be glad it is almost done, been a long renovation .
  7. now go find some water and a few beers and relax, enjoy .
  8. wow, its been a long reno, feel for you guys.
  9. was going to ask how the renos were coming but I still see open studs in the picture so i am guessing it is a ways off from being finished. Been a long haul for ya
  10. Hey Tim, I know things are closed down right now but if you can give Natural sports a call they can set you up with what you need. I just got back into fishing last year after about 25-30 years and these guys help me out alot. You most likely will need a medium to heavy rod for bass and pike. Not sure on the reel but they will know. Things have changed alot over the years as far stuff on the market. watch marketplace too. Hope this helps and maybe see you on the river sometime.
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