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  1. Friday Harbour

    sweet looking place
  2. very true I also found the #wearestrong tags out of context, this type of thing (mass killings) happens almost weekly in the USA and they don't seem blink an eye.
  3. I see the haters on social media have gone back into their moms basement since this wasn't a terror attack, deleting their hate posts from yesterday about Trudeau and the non fact Alek just came from Lebanon 6 months ago, brought and paid for by Trudeau. Did you guys see the meme that states in 2016 Trudeau said if any refugee commits any crimes it will be his fault and he will pay the damages
  4. well its true and I didn't vote for them last time and will not this time either - You can't say the same as you vote ONEWAY I live in the land of BLUE so really doesn't matter who I vote for we always have PC MPP
  5. I bet they stand by their story. they aren't some too bit news media that just prints shit for fun. And GAYs don't complain about being harassed although GAY they are still guys and like fucking
  6. I voted PC before and was about too again, then Doug came to power - such a rip off You do know that the LIBERALS went after the Unions like no other party has between taking bennies and perks plus wages freezes you still claim different. But that is expected from some praire boy
  7. Hey I agree, single guy blah blah - that doesn't make it alright when you apply for Head of the Province. What does CTV have to gain by as you claim making up shit As I said I hope he knows what he is doing, Court is a different place where proof is needed. It just might come out in the wrong way.
  8. The super majority was first printed by CBC dumb ass - while you quote the CBC daily here I am wondering what other news source you use REBEL Secondly POLLS are stupid, only one that counts is on Election day - Too bad as I really don't like FORD he is a complete asshole, it is time to get rid of Wynne but I am afraid Dougie isn't going to get that job done. His tax break for anyone making $14 an hour but not if you make $14.01 is rather fucked up - stopping the Party's line of across the board tax cuts isn't going to sit well. Tell me what REBELS says As for Brown he is well known around downtown Barrie
  9. There is no main stream LEFT or RIGHT media in Canada (minus THE SUN) I hope Patrick knows what he is doing, I have been hearing about this local guy for over a decade. You realize his own Party didn't want him as leader so they tossed him under the bus. I think the PC's had a better chance to win under Brown or even Elliot than Dougie I remember you spewing off on THE STAR being left media after going after Rob Ford - Fake News witch hunt that turned out to be 100% true. This is something Canada has that USA doesn't, yet you keep trying to make it out to be LEFT
  10. meme's are your source, these are made for people just like you. so many disappointed that it wasn't a terrorist act, people like yourself
  11. True but the cop himself most likely doesn't like to shoot people, probably never has. Killing someone isn't something most people like to do. I think the switch to the BAT was brilliant The beatings in jail will be much better than death by cop
  12. So the Cop once he figured the guy didn't have any weapons puts his gun away and pulls out the bat, now the guy instantly gives up. as he wanted a bullet in the head not a beating on the knee cap. Really good on the cop
  13. Leafs 2016-2018

  14. wasn't it a commercial van from Ryder
  15. lots of fake news already, 2 or 3 fake facebook profiles - apparently he was brought here by Trudeau 6 months ago facebook said so