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  1. Which sled and what for? @Kivalo It's most likely not the fuel pump. Dropped it off this afternoon. He said same as I did. Could be coil, could be direct injection. Could be ecm. You definitely need to get some seat time in on a G4 850 before you jump ship. Yep. My buddy had a hard time getting a dealer to take his on trade for his Renegade. He paid more for his '20 Gade 850 because they were the only ones to take his Cat. Analreceiver is like that with everything. Mine is a rocket, and still isn't even out of break in mode yet. Fuck no, you don't need anything more than a 137". Going back to a 129" was definitely the best move I made. Handles way better than a 137" in the tighter trails. I loved my '17 Renegade XRS. Was the best sled I've ever owned prior to my '20
  2. Yep. Could have been way worse. Thankfully nothing happened to my sleds and us with my trailer issue. Could have been a really bad incident. The '17 is going to be covered under warranty. So that's a bonus. And like I said, my new one is a fucking beast.
  3. Pretty much sucked because of the weather. They didn't groom at all because the temps were above freezing. So it got a little rough, but not real bad. Snow was great tho thankfully. Saturday was pure shit tho because it was a misty and a light rain all day. Occasionally it would change to wet snow flakes, but we had fogging and frozen face shields/goggles all day night Saturday. Sunday the kids sled ran into a problem. IDK what it is but I'm taking to Dee's in a few. It's either an ignition or fuel issue. I'm thinking its a bad coil or possibly something to do with the direct injection. We had to tow it from where the old Seney Clause hot dog stand was, to Seney and then went and got the truck. He didn't mind tho because he stayed at the bar and got served. The other five of us went and rode back to get the truck. Seney was grooming Sunday because the temps dropped back below 30°. 43 to 88 was awesome. We hauled ass back and got the truck in no time. On to the good, Love my new sled. What a fucking rocket it is. Haven't really been beating on it to bad , but I have poked it to the bars a few times and it carries the skis no problem. Hauls ass when you do get on it. I'm definitely in love. Handled fucking awesome Didn't even really mess with it. Set it up like my '17 and haven't touched it. Also Friday night, I had a broken spring on the trailer. Had to leave it in St Ignace for repair Saturday morning. Luckily I was able to get a rental 4 place in Indian River for $200 and we were able to still get to our destination. Bill for was $250 for trailer repair and $242 for 2 new tires . So, wasn't exactly a great trip, but we made the best if it.
  4. Tomorrow it's going to be above freezing but only for about 5 hours
  5. All loaded up and ready to go. Soaked to the bone. Pissing rain the whole time Thank God it's not raining where were heading

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