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  1. Looks like those kids might miss a few days .
  2. IT'S THE DRAMA GERBIL !!!!!!!111
  3. It looks like he got a pic of you parked outside the bar
  4. The last 2 got swapped out before the sled even left the garage for the first ride
  5. RR Bed on the way to Houlton ??
  6. I doubt it has the top end that the White one did as it's spinning a lot more track but other than that it's a pretty damn nice sled , Tom , thanks .
  7. Sorry , I'm on the rollercoaster ride again so yeah , I'm easily triggered but the facts are the sled ran the trails and back country all weekend just fine. I left it at the dealer at the end of the day Sunday as it's flashing a code for high exhaust temp , I think it's probly just a faulty pipe temp sensor as it started throwing the code within the first 10 miles of the first day and it has probly over 500 miles on it now . But since it's under warranty and I won't be back up there to ride for a week I dropped it off just to be safe ........................................
  8. Get back to me when you get the story straight
  9. That's the end result of putting rican tires on your truck then driving it in the snow .
  10. There it is , the spare jackshaft !!!!
  11. Don't ever let him tell you that he doesn't like fishin .