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  1. So............

    I dunno . He's in tight withall the hot broads down at the Jackman 54 , so I gotta tread lightly if I want in , bro .
  2. ryan, gowdy, paul, rubio, graham....

    Yep , he's not easy to fool.
  3. Haha! Fuck the Police!

    Yer the wrong color for her
  4. So............

    Hey , what's going on in here , fellaz !?!?
  5. Performance tire thread.

    Don't talk back to me , Tommy .
  6. Performance tire thread.

    I wouldn't put Bridgestone tires on a fucking laundry cart , complete , utter garbage
  7. You get your information from Retards . Birds of a feathah !!!
  8. Remember this LOL

    " Madam President "
  9. The letter that started it all

    Yeah , that's one of the problems in this whole mess . The real dealers got rich and just move on to the next thing untouched
  10. For those the bitch about green subsidies

    It took you an hour to get 2 one line responses to this weak shit . Who's the Fucktard ?
  11. We the citizen are indeed the enemy

    Yeah but to him that's good
  12. Remember this LOL

    The black guy must have stuck his finger in her ass
  13. First it was " HE'S GOING TO JAIL !! " Then it was " Be patient , these things take time " Now it's " Well.... he looks kind of guilty "
  14. Remember this LOL

    Is that a plate of D con ? If not it should be