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  1. Trumps just a real prick

    OMG , no shit
  2. Sled pics from last season.

    Why did you blur out the gay pride sticker ?
  3. Dana Loesch threatened, forced from home

    X2 , of course Halfass Morrison can't even figure out how to put a link with a post .......... or get his head out his ass
  4. I don't even know the kid and I want to buy him a steak dinner
  5. Bad news for some

    I'll think of something
  6. Oh I'm just about 100 percent positive that is exactly what they plan on doing with it now ..............
  7. Do we really need three threads about this , I mean yeah , I get it that yous guysz outrage is so strong and completely genuine and all , but really ...... 3 threads???
  8. Sled pics from last season.

    That's good lol
  9. Thought this one was pretty funny........
  10. Discuss

    " BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH" Oh just shut the fuck up FFS