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  1. Up until fairly recently , Bernie didn't have a pot to piss in and compared to most politicians , he still doesn't
  2. Bernie better stay off airplanes , Trains and out of the park at night
  3. That is NOT Sanders you braindead imbecile
  4. The Clintons and the Dem machine want those people GONE . They are lucky that they are as high profile as they are , or else.......... well......... you know .
  5. Cool. Hey , is that your pot growing shack down there , Danny ??
  6. X2 !!!
  7. "Democrats ran Chicago and raised "Momo . Draw your own conclusion "
  8. WTF , that would suck . Hit the big one , tells the boss to go hump a cactus ........ then get stiffed
  9. I only read the thread title and popped in for a laugh .
  10. With fucking faggot name like Jawara , it's no wonder that he got thrown in jail and beat up . Should have smacked the parents around too
  11. Plus the panels are slippery and those boots with the pointy toes that those little mexican bastards wear won't work like on the chainlink fence
  12. Clintons Kids never go to jail.
  13. That party wants that guy out of the way , he proved a threat to them a few months back . Those dirty pricks will bury him one way or another .
  14. The Camaro is badass and I like it , but if given the choice I'm taking the GT 350 as it is simply just a way cooler and nicer car