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  1. drinking and driving laws

    Maybe so , but he never said what town he was moving to
  2. Who pissed off Failmaker

    I agree 100%. But either way , he is one dumb son of a bitch .
  3. Any builders...insulation and shower surround question

    Lemme tell ya somethin, Pal , that shit makes ya itch . Ya gotta wear the long clothes , the resperators , all that shit , You have all that , all that safety shit ? Cause you'll need it
  4. Highest Mileage Day???

    Actually no . It was our last day of that trip so we slept for 4 hours then had to load it up and drive home to Nashua
  5. Highest Mileage Day???

    Yeah , I think it was like 19 hours or so . It was nothing that we planned , it just came about as we were having breakfast around 9 am in Greenville . " Waddya wanna do today" ? " I duuno , I'm full of oil though... you?" " Yeah , I'm full . Wanna go to FT Kent the long way, we ain't nevah been there before?" " Yeah. Yeah , that sounds like fun ... get the check and let's roll "