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  1. Just burn down a church .
  2. No. You poor humps are stuck with Momo for good
  3. That's better than this thread I suppose as it won't even make it one page
  4. Heck , I would give Mongo my pants ........ after I shit them of course
  5. I thought it said " Tribe " not " Tripe " so I only read the first page
  6. The Japs like sneaking up on people , can't they handle this ??
  7. Whatever Trump tells him to
  8. I think that may be Momo living in the crotch area of the one in the blue
  9. WTF , Dave , that shit is just as bad as the butts
  10. He has a legit point about Pimps being treasured Americans tho
  11. Why does everybody attack MC's personal finances when they don't agree with him
  12. Good , we don't want that termite infested shit down here .
  13. Well , at 56 , sometimes beer is all that you have left.