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  1. Neo Nazis?

    Hey idiot , you have ZERO FUCKING BUSINESS running off at the mouth about about what America stands for .
  2. Neo Nazis?

    End of discussion
  3. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Good . Gotta punt that Sessions MFer next .
  4. I got it bad!!!!!11

    That's what you should get, Ben , a merlin powered P51 , with fully functional 50's
  5. One thing I have noticed.

    Calm down , Danny . You too , Psychoboy .
  6. That's the really scary part . Bombs can be sniffed out by dogs , people can be padded down for weapons ect , but how do you prepare for some random loon with a car or truck that can strike very effectively at any place at any time ? Really can't .
  7. Let's have a rally!

    More MC .......
  8. donny disbands his coveted business council.

    Last week........... CEO's , BAD . This week ..... CEO'S , GOOD !!!! These fuckin queers in here have no shame
  9. Trump is a master at playing the media

    Too bad that he croaked , he could have been VP here
  10. Problematic Challenger owners

    I'm sure it is . Now smarten up