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  1. CheezusXR8

    Ski Donk 8 Diddy turb

    Respect the triple, Lummox!!!
  2. CheezusXR8

    Poor Ozzy

    My favorite album of my parents was Chuck Berry “my ding-a-ling”, my mom even wrote on the cover for the babysitter “don’t let the kids listen to this”
  3. Favorite part was that Woody Harelsons dad was a hitman.
  4. Played it on my way north, pretty interesting. Thanks
  5. That’s the one you want. Doo 850 not even in the same zip code. Good luck finding one
  6. CheezusXR8

    FXR F.A.S.T Technology

    And she’s got you treading water
  7. CheezusXR8

    Jesus . What's next

    “Turtle water”
  8. CheezusXR8

    Bake your Ass Off!

    I had a live-in roommate/gf that tried the same. I told her to go to the spare bedroom (which was supposed to be hers anyway) because she was laying where my laptop needed to go. Join the cause or get the fuck out. 💪 Geeze Neal, you’re gonna get foot fungus on your dick. use a towel you savage.
  9. CheezusXR8

    Bake your Ass Off!

    “Jump some hoops, then make me some banana bread, and then I’ll fuck you” You should have worked out your issues with SSFB.... you wouldn’t be in this hostile relationship. My story would have went a little different. ....bitch wouldn’t give up the nookie, so I rubbed one out and carried on with my day.
  10. CheezusXR8

    Truth from an Iranian......

    Nobody’s talking shit or making personal attacks, that’s you.
  11. CheezusXR8

    Truth from an Iranian......

    Nobody is going to do anything. Threats are your MO.