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  1. So over $20k a year is reasonable to you. I disagree. All hospitals take payment plans. Not arguing that, as I know all to well. It's a problem that has no easy answers. Care providers, Hospitals, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals. All giving it to us dry.
  2. You're in lala land if you consider $1800.00 a month "reasonable".It's nuts. I know that's what it is but seriously it's out of control. That's $10 per hour for the working man...
  3. That's some good shit MC. I think we've all learned that you really do have amazing political intuition. We really should not question anything you say going forward.
  4. What kind of problems? I don't look at it as the dems want to fuck me over. It's more like they have their base to appease and that's their priority. Pubs do it as well i know. I think the problem is the base is changing for both. The extreme ends of the spectrum are well represented leaving the middle fighting on their own.
  5. Tom dies, just like if he had insurance. Just instead of traveling long distances to find a doctor he doesn't know, he gets to be treated by his lifelong Dr in a comfortable familiar setting.
  6. There are parts that should continue and others that should not. Add interstate availability and take out mandatory prenatal care.
  7. In what regards? I agree with you on this subject. Let me go check my temperature.
  8. He should have left it alone. No good ending on this. And Buss is correct above.
  9. So you're saying the timing of the leaks and not the substance of the leaks are what turned people from clinton? You would have rather not seen irrefutable evidence of Clintons corruption.? You're good not knowing all about her?
  10. Hard to argue with any of that.