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  1. It's been 6 months right? Has your beloved media aired any stories of the government failing us in everyday matters?
  2. Wow, imagine that. We had a bloated to fuck government that doesn't need 2/3 of it's employees to function properly. Only a librul fuckhead would have a problem with this. Who says you can't run government like a business?? Definitely more winning.
  3. I'm sure the resident sheep will say this isn't the same at all... Oh yeah. It's fox news. ‘How Is This Not Meddling?’: Gutfeld Calls Out Ossoff’s 7,000 Donations From CA share this ‘How Is This Not Meddling?’: Gutfeld Calls Out Ossoff’s 7,000 Donations From CA share this ema As seen on The Five 'Who's Archie Parnell?': Top Dems Appear to Ignore SC Special Election HuffPo, Others Appear to Say Warmbier's 'White Privilege' Makes NK Capture His Fault 'How Do You Debate What You Don't Even Know?' Sliwa Blasts Dems, Repubs Health Care Secrecy Greg Gutfeld pointed out similarities between Russia attempting to undermine the American presidential election, and coastal liberals trying to affect a House race in Georgia. Democrat Jon Ossoff, who does not live in the sixth district, was defeated by Karen Handel (R) in a race for the seat vacated by HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price. Gutfeld said donations to Ossoff came from 7,000 Californians and 800 Georgians. He said Hollywood celebrities like Chelsea Handler and George Takei dumped money into Ossoff's campaign.
  4. Your side can't grasp that what you're doing right here is why your side is losing at every turn. When you generalize an entire group of people because they have a different viewpoint from you is called what?_____________________________ You're too smart to see what's actually happening to this country... (Sarcasm) ^^^
  5. So why not donate that 32 Million the dems spent to a local charity that actually would have done some good??
  6. Nope. They started down that road after the presidential election. That lasted less than 24 hours.
  7. "according to forensic-psychology students and instructors, who spent three months investigating the homicide. Those researchers, who volunteer at the Profiling Project, an independent group, published their findings on Tuesday in an 83-page report." I'm sure this group of students and instructors were completely unbiased...