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  1. Winter, summer and the workhorse.
  2. JEFF

    Walls don't work!

    Snowslinger= SnoAcosta...
  3. JEFF

    American made steel

    I thought Trump wanted concrete and just recently softened his tone to accept steel slats to appease the dems?
  4. Up to the city- town... Where can I carry my firearm? Firearms cannot be taken, openly or concealed, into most federal buildings – including post offices – or into any courthouse, whether federal, state or county. Airports, of course, have strict guidelines about weapons and most hospitals forbid carrying firearms and other weapons. Schools are trickier. There is no state law that mandates gun-free school zones, so it’s up to each community to decide whether firearms can be brought onto school property or possessed by students. Many school systems have banned guns in schools, at least when children are in the building – an issue that came up at the recent election because many polling places are in schools and voters could bring their firearms.
  5. JEFF

    Am I Bitter...Poll

    Definitely moody... lol
  6. All 3 are right to concealed carry without a permit... Hmmm...
  7. JEFF


    What's the word on that? Trump getting impeached?
  8. JEFF

    Open borders

  9. It could have. Only if said DR. is a scumbag, whom breaks the hippocratic oath he took when he became a DR.
  10. If nothing else it’ll give people a safe place to earn meager growth with their local banks again.
  11. JEFF

    The Bet

    You are correct about a tire. Which spins around a single axis. A snowmobile track is suspended between two axes. Completely different. The track is the trail... It has no effect on gear ratio. If it did, the thickness of the earth's crust would as well....
  12. JEFF

    The Bet

    Exactly correct.
  13. JEFF

    The Bet

    Dead wrong. Take a 144" track with 1" lugs and another with 3" lugs. Now cut them in half and lay them out on the floor... which one is longer? A track spinning around two axis is not even remotely like a tire which is spinning on one axis. That is where you are getting confused. Along with several others...
  14. JEFF

    The Bet

    Do you even have 20K left after the last month??