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  1. Is that what this is about? Are you lacking attention at home? At work? The guys working the local construction site not cat calling you? Things will be ok. Maybe search hufpo for some articles aimed at boosting self esteem and confidence.
  2. OK. From here on out you shall be called Rev Vagina.
  3. I LOL'd So he has to pick a side??! You seem rather adamant on that. Then this? You're actually a woman right? No sane man can do a fucking 180 that quickly...
  4. Most liberals will just throw shit out there without knowing any facts pertaining to the subject. Maybe combine their names RevSlinger? Combined they are still pretty dim.
  5. Rich coming from a cnn fanboi
  6. No. you are. Knowledgeable people talked about his repeted perjury you dweeb.
  7. Elaborate? Poor as in impoverished? Poor as in empathy because my dog died? Poor as in my candidate lost the election? I feel pretty good right now! I'd say your side are the ones that need a tissue...
  8. As usual, you are one clueless fuck. *8 years over clitons blowjob? really? It's way over your head obviously. I won't even address the rest of your drivel.
  9. Pretty easy I'm sure. When there's nothing there.
  10. I'd like to read your sources. Maybe i will get where you're coming from. But i doubt it. You like to throw shit out there and never prove it or provide supporting information.
  11. Linq? And not some CNN or hufpo artical...
  12. Is that still a thing? It would appear not with the latest round of liberal grey matter splattered over the internet? Have we shifted from Russia to Nazi's? Does this one have legs?
  13. Between that and the Russians you should go down into your bunker.
  14. Sad!

    Is it true that George Washington Was a slave owner? We must denounce him and all he stood for.