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  1. Quote fail... But a quick search turns up the story. But good on you for recognizing that this is the shit that helps no ones cause.
  2. Trumps just a real prick

    Asshole move if true. But in this day and age no surprise. Unlike mc i can say trump is an asshole. Unlike mc, I don't think he'll be going to jail any time soon.
  3. That is a very polite "fuck off and die ben"
  4. Bad news for some

    It's not. I just wanted to make sure you knew about it so you could send flowers or cigars or something.
  5. I hope MC, bulbryder and slinger can pull through this tough time... New fears for Hillary Clinton’s health after 'twisted ankle' or 'broken toe' derails book tour. closeHillary Clinton embarks on her blame game book tour Hillary Clinton apparently fell and injured her foot on Monday during her overseas book tour, prompting her to cancel or delay interviews with British journalists -- before resurfacing on a BBC program. As with previous Clinton health scares, the details are a bit unclear. As one host called out Clinton for missing an interview, her spokesman initially said she “twisted her ankle.” He tweeted a picture of Clinton wearing a special boot during a separate appearance on the BBC’s “Graham Norton Show.” View image on Twitter
  6. Larry flint wants to talk to you MC...
  7. speaking of slime

    MC should go collect his money.
  8. Iran

    How about this... Iran don't kick the inspectors out of your military installations?
  9. HEY!

    And "saved" he did!! Wow!!!!! Pulled us right out of all those mean nasty conflicts that Bush started! Stopped the incessant bombing of innocent people all over the world! Finally closed that horrible torture camp called Gitmo! Completely saved us from the government from taking our liberties away! Made sure that there were no mass shootings on american soil. He made sure that there was no racial divide in our beautiful country! He was an AMAZING president! He really stuck it to all of the largest financial institutions in america by quadrupling their net worth on his watch.. He was a bastion of the police force protecting the fine people of this country! You're right MC. He fixed everything... You fucking moron...
  10. Self Driving Cars Good or Bad?

    I don't think they will be. The tech will be there but how do you implement them into society? And can you imagine getting the blue screen of death on the interstate? I think the big players will parade the tech around and they will be half ass implemented but will be quickly shut down do to a bunch of unforeseen bad things happening. They will need dedicated roadways. People and machines won't mix on the road.
  11. Self Driving Cars Good or Bad?

    Still a person with full control at any second. But yes neat technology for sure. The tech is pretty amazing for sure. I repair wrecks for a large Subaru dealership and We've never been so busy in our 46 years in business. 12 Wrecked subies on site right now. They have some "issues" going on. The more tech they put in cars the more wrecks there are. It's amazing really. Between cell phones and automotive electronics it guaranteed job security for me, so I love it. It's like winter all year now as far as wrecks go.
  12. Self Driving Cars Good or Bad?

    We're a long ways off from self driving cars. When they can make a iphone or computer that doesn't EVER crash let me know. And it has to be 100% non hackable which just isn't possible. Then lets talk about insurance liability...
  13. left vs right

    Yes, Yes you do. He's locked up now as a matter of fact...