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  1. So in short, They don't know how to budget money. Got it.
  2. JEFF

    Matt Gaetz Should Talk Less

    I got 16 speeding tickets in my first two years driving. Lots of weekends at state mandated defensive driving classes. Lost my license for a total of 90 days. It’s now been almost 30 years now without a ticket.
  3. JEFF

    Think it's totaled?

    Not on your life. Replace only. Way too much liability in today's world. Insurance will buy you new seatbelts if you even say a word about them, deployed or not. No questions asked.
  4. You can go on your community GIS map and measure the distance around your property relatively easily.
  5. JEFF

    Where's Snot's 25k

    Oh Hey guys.. This shit again? Anyone that thinks lug height has any affect on drive ratio is a pant shitting moron.
  6. MacMulkin has 376 vettes in stock as of today. Hendricks has over 500. It's nuts...
  7. JEFF

    G7 Will Be At Doral Resort

    Lol... you go with that.
  8. JEFF

    Trail work

    I've been busy repairing washouts.
  9. JEFF


    That sucks. We just had to do the same thing to a cat for the same reason.
  10. Just imagine if Obama was as transparent when digging for dirt on Trump... Talk about 180's
  11. I'm not sure @Mainecat could survive her losing another election to Trump.
  12. This whole shit show is going to blow up in the dems faces. What a bunch of amateurs.
  13. So big oil is mad at Trump. Is that good or bad?