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  1. lol, too funny. If Bidens skeletons ever came tumblin out of his closet...
  2. Austin Texas Bomber

    Vs. heroin, or cars, or falls, or doctors... Damn you're a useless twat.
  3. If they get multiple tips from multiple credible sources they might just want to start there.
  4. Feel free to point out the lies, asshat. That's a bit disingenuous. Straight from cnn... How many of those were drug deals gone bad? Ban drugs.. Maybe the fbi should start by doing it's fucking job??? Before we give up our constitutional rights?
  5. If More....

    Wow... That hurts.
  6. If More....

    Seeing as we aren't even close anymore as to the citizens arms vs. what the government has you can go fuck off.
  7. Ok so I'm thinking to myself all these liberal folk want the government to take our AR15's and other scary guns from us in the wake of recent school shootings that could have been prevented if current laws were followed. The FBI dropped the ball, the local police dropped the ball, the school resource officer dropped the ball, ect.... We will never know all of the details of the complete and utter failure of our government on all levels in the parkland shootings. These same liberals are foaming at the mouth trying to get our president ousted by any means necessary. They absolutely hate him. Like hate this country hasn't seen towards their president in a VERY long time, if ever. Calling him every name in the book, racist, misogynist, even comparing him to Hitler. The list goes on and on. Pure hatred. These very same liberals also hate Russia. It's a newfound hatred as things were hunky dory with Russia when the last administration was in charge. They even had a nifty little reset button for Russia. But that all changed when Trump became president. Weird, I know. But now the Russians are trying to destroy our country by placing clickbait ads on facebook. (owned by an uber liberal) And by many other chanels as well according to the leftist in this country. Scary shit for sure. Now the fact that Trump is "pals" with Putin is causing untold fear and anxiety amongst our liberal contingent of this country, and whom are looking for ways to control this situation with Russia and their "puppet" Trump in our whitehouse. Which brings me back to the gun thing... You really want this "illegitimate president" who won the presidency on the back of Russia, whom is doing Russia's bidding for them at their will according to liberals in America. The same president that is in Putins back pocket. The same president you compare to Hitler. You want him to take your guns from you? Is this the argument your making? Only in America...
  8. If More....

    What else does switzerland do that usa does not?
  9. This shit has been going on for years. 20 state troopers face possible discipline in overtime scam probe 197 JOHN TLUMACKI/GLOBE STAFF Massachusetts State Police Colonel Kerry Gilpin addressed the media Tuesday at the State Police Headquarters concerning an investigation into State Police overtime. By Travis Andersen GLOBE STAFF MARCH 20, 2018 Get immediate alerts on all breaking news, delivered via Facebook Messenger. Sign up here. FRAMINGHAM — Twenty active state troopers and one retired member of the force are facing possible sanctions for allegedly logging overtime they didn’t work, with the most egregious alleged violators putting in for as many as 100 bogus shifts, officials said Tuesday. State Police Colonel Kerry A. Gilpin, superintendent of the force, said during a news conference that 19 troopers will have “duty status hearings” in the coming days to determine whether they’ll be suspended. State Police have also reported their findings to Attorney General Maura Healey’s office, Gilpin said. “For us to fulfill our mission as a police agency, we must have public trust,” Gilpin said.
  10. If More....

    Snoryder on video shooting an ar 15.
  11. The cables used to post tension the structure had been over tightened and yielded, prior to the bridge being moved into position rendering them structurally useless. They knew this and people will be going to prison.
  12. In the end, what difference does it make to the families of the deceased?
  13. Dude... You are laughable at best... So clueless.