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House GOP erupts over "dysfunction" after hardliners kill vote

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these are all very serious hard working people doing their best work to improve the lives and well being of the average American.  































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19 minutes ago, racer254 said:

Look at all the victims wishing for washington to"Do something"  lol

look at all the victims accusing Washington of.... Well, pick a category.

some of the biggest whining crying victims I've ever seen, are here. you included.  ;)


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46 minutes ago, Crnr2Crnr said:

the GOP is a 🤡 show 


And what do you call the democrats?

5 minutes ago, ActionfigureJoe said:

That should whittle the bunch down to 5. :lol: 

Poor fella, you won't even vote.

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And another one is done with the dysfunction... 

LaTurner acknowledged that "the current dysfunction on Capitol Hill is distressing," but added "it almost always has been; we just didn't see most of it." 



what a f'ng 🤡 show... 

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"We are sacrificing time away from family and making more money in the private sector for the vanity of a few people (on both sides) that want to raise money and their media profiles," said one House Republican.

"The vast majority of members came to make a difference. We understand the utility of posturing and politics for the goal of governing. That's not what's going on anymore though. The inmates are running the asylum," the lawmaker added.

"Some of these folks prefer the ease of being in a minority. No need to govern," another House Republican said.



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