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Give it some gas JIMMEH!!!

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1 hour ago, ICG said:

Yamahas aren't heavy ... Didn't you see the Yamaha  DVD with Bunny weighing  Yamaha against the competition.....


I'm just kidding :thumbsup: the Apex warrior I drove was super light :bc: :lol:

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16 minutes ago, Jerry 976 said:



You used that one on this 2009 many times also. You were right they were boat anchors, they were fast but you needed 1 and half miles of lake to get them there and another half mile of lake to stop them.    


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Looks like someone needs the Twilight Zone reopened and their own Bashing thread. Just trying to derail threads ala 550.

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1 hour ago, Badger** said:

You go rock star. 9_9


Sport GIF by SpecialOlympicsMA

You do realize that the exceptional young man in that GIF is your intellectual superior. FACT :lol:

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