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In a shocking turn of events CNN debunks Binden's lies about Georgia's voting law

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In a somewhat shocking video segment, CNN host Erin Burnett actually told the truth last night about Biden’s rhetoric in Atlanta this week and debunked his lies about Georgi’s new election law.


First, Burnett points out that even Democrats like Dick Durbin say Biden went too far in painting the case for election reform as a case of ‘right vs racism’. She says that, on its face, Biden’s characterization of voter suppression is a problem because “more people voted than ever before in the last election.”

But even more so, she went on to point out that Biden’s criticism of Georgia’s new law is hard to stomach, specifically when New York’s election laws are more restrictive than Georgia’s new law with respect to vote by mail and early voting.

After playing video of Biden saying that states like Georgia are making it harder for people to vote by mail because they force people to request absentee ballots, Burnett says:

“Well, New York is one of the most reliably Democratic states in the United States and New York requires people to request absentee ballots, just like the new Georgia law does.

Now, Georgia allows anyone to request an absentee ballot. New York does not. New York is actually more restrictive; there are specific guidelines as to who can request an absentee ballot. In fact, back in November, New Yorkers voted down a constitutional amendment that would allow anyone to request an absentee ballot for any reason at all by 55% to 45%, in an overwhelmingly Democratic state.

Burnet then tackles Biden’s lies about Georgia’s new early voting policy, saying that Georgia allows for 17 days of early voting but the reliably Democratic state of New York only has 9 days.

That’s where the video stops. She may go on to spew garbage after this, I don’t know. But for these two minutes Burnett presents the same facts that we and others presented last year, debunking Biden’s wild lies about Georgia’s new voting law.

For finally telling the truth we applaud her and hope she’s turning over a new leaf and will keep it up. I know, that’s wishful thinking.

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Of course they don't complain about it in Democrat leaning states.  They know they have those states wrapped up.  If the R's would do the same thing that the Dems are doing in those democrat strongholds, then maybe we would see them complain.

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9 minutes ago, p51mstg said:

They have to do something, because Trump isn’t handing them 24-hours of coverage 7 days a week any more.

yup. they voted out the most captive audience they ever had

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29 minutes ago, p51mstg said:

They have to do something, because Trump isn’t handing them 24-hours of coverage 7 days a week any more.

I think it has more to do with shrinking ratings and jumping from a sinking Dem ship.  

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