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Electric F7 coming soon

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32 minutes ago, Not greg b said:

Ls swap it with a junk yard motor and Chinese turbos like everyone on YouTube does. It’s the correct thing to do as YouTube says so.

I'd chop my own dick off before I LS swapped this thing. 

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1 hour ago, Crnr2Crnr said:


Quad 4 was a 2.3 I4 Olds engine 

The 2.5 Iron Duke Super Duty?  Most folks never knew about those.  I sold SD parts to a guy that had a track Fiero that ran at Elkhart Lake on weekends.  Was a snotty little thing. 

Not this one, but ...




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22 hours ago, mnstang said:

Those trucks are still a dime a dozen, who cares.  Hot rodding is all about doing different stuff.  Except the junkyard ls china turbo route as mentioned..

Many care.

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1 hour ago, racerdave said:

Many care.

Save these, from the EV hot rodders...  :lol:



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On 11/3/2021 at 4:07 PM, Crnr2Crnr said:

I'll give you $6k for the RXC to get you started... on the transmission to go with it.  :)

GM made a hell of a swan song


On 11/4/2021 at 7:51 AM, fortune46x said:

lol I have yet to get the "hey stupid come pickup your sled" email. 

I am debating on what engine to throw in my c10 , 454 is cool and all but single digit mileage on premium hurt my asshole a bit. Thanks obama

My new sled is built. 

Thanks @fortune46x 


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Change is coming boys, and it's exciting there's another brand out there challenging the Big 3.5 and I think I'd like to try one out.   

Can't wait to see their SX sled  ;)

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