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  1. Your sled doesn’t have the hose clamp on handle bar that’s why. 🤣
  2. On the bold, think you are just a poser. As the underline states the fact. A real man wouldn’t have to take up snowmobiling to “get away” from what keeps him in shackles at home and gets scolding and punished for acting like a man. The way you ride tells it all in the bold&underlined statement. Buys an RXC to look like a man, but too afraid to use it to it’s full suspension and ride potential. Cause if you have to take it back to the dealer to change the spark plugs, or replace a broken part, wife will make you sell the sled. Wife wears the pants in the house 100% of the time
  3. It should. But Doo is the king of accessories. They will bring back the pull start. And accessorize shot system for 2500 add on😂. And guys, take it easy on mnstang. It is still new news. After all, Doo did take it away after the introduction of the procross.
  4. Just look at his nose and jaw. Cannot tell how many times he has been already. 🤣
  5. He’s still waiting for the memo to reach his mailbox. “Balto and Togo still enroute”.
  6. Full screenshot to boot. Guess he still thinks that red, over half full battery means low, rather then his browsing history!!
  7. Actually, not her I would be worried about. It’s all the crazy fuckers around here. She would straighten ‘em out too much. This site would become Dootalk 3.0 Can this site still be fun if 550 and Frankie ran off to buy ArcticChat? Ashley, glad you both are doing great and back to a normal life after the accident.
  8. Sister has to be bat nutz crazy if RR think’s herself as normal!!
  9. Long story short, member vent’s about sister with a mental problem after mother passes. Sister gets house, he foots the bill for repairs. RR bests his situation as she has the same problem. But with all 5 siblings. She starts being his psychiatrist and legal aid. 😂 Thats as far as I got. Then started marked forum as read.
  10. https://www.hardcoresledder.com/threads/importance-of-a-will-trust.1882032/ RR set up a couch over there and doing therapy sessions now. I swear every thread she posts in, finds a way to make it about her experiences.
  11. That must be PG driving. Must’ve been his TotallyYamaha Mod resume? Or was these pics how he baited Phisgar?🤣😂
  12. DT member. Now they probably start the foul language filter soon.
  13. I was bored the other day and found DT has a GDF forum also. There was this long ass thread(PWing or something like that. Went to yesterday or the other day to read after there update. All that thread is mainly the Doo queens that follow PG and smurfy like roadies. anyway they just got same forum skin as HCS’s recent upgrade and one of the members just found out Skoiuty and His Smurfet are mods and regulars at the Polaris enemy site. Didn’t get too far but think they just told them to nevermind it and it is what they are at the other site(maybe deleted posts now). Posts were sometim
  14. I remember that kid. From that tv show Yukon Men? Kids name was Francis, and went by the name FrankieJames. Think I seen his name on here too somewhere.
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