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  1. My son, 1-1-2001 at a little over 9 years old 2-13-2020 at a little over 28 years old. Reliving his youth.
  2. I thought Jake worked at State Farm's call center?
  3. Is this enough to start with? If not I can whip this spatchcocked chicken up tomorrow. Both on the Weber kettle
  4. Standard is all I need. Same for shocks
  5. PS racers do this, but Guess who posted this at HCS Matryx board: "that's why us pro-stock drag racers remove as much rotating mass as possible"
  6. For me, seat at front is too narrow.
  7. Definitely overpriced. But,getting harder to find and a great kids sled.
  8. Agree that regardless of brand, all bags look like crap. The Matrix does have a storage spot under the seat. One qt of oil will fit. You could use 4 carriage bolts in the T slot, with a L bracket, with holes, a small rubber pad under it to save the tunnel paint, bolted down. Then use a motorcycle stretch cargo net over a duffle bag. Way cheaper and no uglier than the expensive tunnel bags.
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