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  1. Maybe it's time I finally sell my Red Rocket 660
  2. Hope you have better luck than I've had. On a side note, I picked up the Matryx on December 16 last year. Still waiting for State of ILL to send me my registration . I don't know why I even register here. Haven't rode in this corrupt state since 2008. Really just do it so a little goes to the ILL trails.
  3. I'll stick with the original Doo modular. Been wearing them since 2003. I can put them on or take off with out taking my gasses off. Can't do that with the Oxygen. The fancy bells and whistles I don't need
  4. Thanks, Doug. That campground looks fun.
  5. I think I have asked this before. Is this K&M on the east of North 51 just before a exit? Also not far from a big campground on the west side of 51, that has a lot of inflatables in their pond?
  6. Why not a studded Cobra 1.35?
  7. That XC600 SP color combo is a good looking sled.
  8. racerdave

    650 owners

    Then you should have 20-36 oem
  9. racerdave

    650 owners

    I thought you didn't care for Storm tracks?
  10. Bought new a 10 IQ 800, 12 Pro R SWB 800, 15 Ax SWB 800, left over 15 600sp, 19 XC850, 20 XC850 137, 21 Matryx 650 Launch 129. Never once seen a golden ticket
  11. You will need them on the Matryx.
  12. Used on Edges and Gen 2 Polaris. Maybe others. Good shape. I small yellow dot missing off left side guard. $40 shipped Priority Mail, to lower 48 states.
  13. These were used on my 2015 Indy ProR. Could be used on others brands, $36.00 shipped to lower 48 states. Mounts only. Paypal ok if you pay fee's.
  14. Not worth it to me. Same for the fancy smancy shocks. That's why I bought the Launch last year vs the VR. Too each his own.
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