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  1. Seen this on DW when it first aired. We like Al-Gens in Rhinelander. Gotta try Ishnala https://www.facebook.com/Swearingens-Al-Gen-Dinner-Club-179621692050317/
  2. I think going from 120 to 121 you have to change drivers. Not sure though? Really don't know much about first year Rush
  3. The father of the owner of Sisters, in St Germain Wi, brought some of his smoked trout dip in one day . It was excellent.
  4. I think you may have stole that quote from me over on HCS?? It should end with, If I want.
  5. Just made some last night. 3 big bowlfuls, and plenty of times on the crapper this morn!
  6. We are staying in Oneonta. I am looking forward to the HOF. Cardinal fan since first attended game in 1958, Plenty of Cardinals in the HOF.
  7. We will be out there sometime in June for our grandson to play in a 12U tournament at All Star Village. I will definitely go to the MLB Hall of Fame while there. Any suggestions for good eating places around there.? Sports bars,dive {but safe} bars, family casual, etc.
  8. Scripted. After all, he is a actor, or so they say
  9. Agree with Saya and Bontz, Prices are nuts. I'll be 67 in December, My 20 850 with 3,000 miles 1 yr warranty left, and 21 650 with 1,300 miles and 2 yr warranty left, should get me into my 70's. I can always pull out my 2000 600-660 ves and even be able to work on it under the hood.
  10. I love prime, and ribeye. I just gotta have it cooked more
  11. Wife and I enjoy Quiche. Last cook 2 weeks ago at the cabin on Lost Lake , Sayner Wi. Eggs, cream, milk, cheddar, gouda, parm, potatoes, broccoli, and skinned bratwurst. Used up what I had
  12. If the reeds are bad then V Force probably aren't much more expensive than OEM. Look into Boysen Rad valves also. Have them in my 660. As far as jetting, I believe that V Force have a stronger signal/pull more full, so no rejetting needed. Maybe even jet slightly leaner
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