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  1. Anyone installed these themselves? Easy, difficult? Not interested if you had dealer do it.
  2. Thanks Chris. I'll give that a try.
  3. I've looked around the net for help on how to remove this google pop up that appears on several sites I frequent. I can't get it to stop. Can anyone help. I use Firefox's latest browser.
  4. Looks like some light 10-74's were mismarked.
  5. I went to Milwaukee every year since the late 80's or whenever it started ?, till covid stopped it. Didn't go because of family matter last year. After i seen this years layout online, and also down to 2 days vs 3 I said f it. It was best in the old dual buildings. Never did Haydays. Grayslake was great at it's height. Grass dragged, won some trophies, great swap meet. I really miss that one.
  6. Seen that yesterday. Really nothing new there. Wait, Wait, Wait. Like the crosswalk signal says, after you push the button, in cities.
  7. Miss this mom and pop motel/ Roman and Anna Hi wherever you are
  8. That was a amazing sled. Even more amazing is how fast Frozen Assets 2 is. Seen the Warnings collection several times before it moved north. Hope to see it up there sometime.
  9. Doug, maybe I've asked. Is Vic Moyer still there?
  10. The SE and LE were the best looking Polari of the 80's
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