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Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

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44 minutes ago, Sksman said:

Your a a classic idiot!

Argue that Trump is so bad.

What has Trudeau done that is so successful in life that you admire him so much?

Lets see, he left teaching in the dead of night after being accused of inappropriate relations with a student.

Groped / sexually assaulted a female reporter and after when story breaks claims she experienced it differently!  I bet all rape victims can claim they experienced the assault differently then the attacker!

Trudeau the feminist fires strong women cabinet members for standing up to him.

Trudeau has broken ethics laws how many times?

Racist Trudeau claims others are racist!


And let’s talk about Trudeau’s fiscal knowledge and policies?   Of wait there are none.


So continue you one way Failmaker!    Continue to puke out your bullshit about all others.

Well I voted for Harper and he never had a job after 18 years old :dunno:  

career politician that jump from side to side to side.


Andrew Scheer claims he worked as a insurance sales agent at 23 years old but was actually never licensed then he was elected at age 24 running out of his moms basement 

career politician that has never had to struggle to make a payment  or meet any payroll,  he just raked in over 120k tax money a year since age 24

I assume his experience is great to lead a country 


Jody she only wanted to speak the truth :lol: 


And Trump is a horrible person no doubt about it 

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