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  1. Burton (on the right) - Bull Mastif/American Bulldog, 110ish lbs (after his diet), had to put him down 2 years ago in a few days (May 29). Dexter - American Bulldog, 90ish lbs, he will be 6 years this Summer.
  2. If you are referring to my post about "choices", I am not referring to choices that may have caused what he has, but choices made in life not knowing if the grim reaper known as cancer may strike at any time. Perhaps decisions or actions that you would have done differently, if you had known your life may end shorter than expected.....I am sure most do not live life knowing that it may end 6, 12 or 18 months from today. I thought they said he could be treated for what he has, but there is no timeline as to how long he may be able to live with his cancer. Hope there are many more
  3. We buy hills dog food, the one we buy is only brought in by a vet, tsc sells a few options as well by hills.
  4. Does suck....I am sure diagnosed everyday to many, but when it is more in the media, really makes you think twice about life, choices you make and enjoying the time, while you can! There next & final tour should be an interesting one.
  5. Hold on, stop the presses, let's fix this for puzzler..... Kidding aside, if there are very limited people with the problem, I think it is easier for the user to find the fix vs the forum getting the fix. Kind of goes back to the whole sense of entitlement with kids now a days....
  6. Puzzler is never wrong about anything...... Could not be a user error....
  7. after I posted I was thinking the exact same thing.....FS, again with a really good filter. the old version had a ton of info, lots of knowledge here.
  8. LOL....google, while using a good filter!
  9. Stoney

    May24 Weekend

    Almost forgot....drank beer too
  10. Stoney

    May24 Weekend

    What was the verdict with the puppy, all okay now? I remember when our puppy six years ago got sick...was not nice at all.
  11. Stoney

    May24 Weekend

    How was every ones and what did you do....weather was beauty. We went to Windsor to visit family and friends Friday to Sunday. Spent Monday at home doing a bunch of things around the house....yard work, grass, etc.., worked on the kids new play house & played with the kids.
  12. Stoney


    Aside from a little state side visit, a little bit of manual work.....pull them. Wait for the little buggers to die off before you cut the lawn, if possible, helps prevent spreading them.
  13. Seems pretty good. And what sort of pussies feel the need to come back using a different handle, like no one will catch on.
  14. Aerate the lawn, spring and fall...help loosen up the soil. Top dress and over seed.
  15. Ya, I was surprised to see his name down below at HCS. Say what you want about the dude, he was a great conversation starter, really knew what buttons to push!
  16. Ya, ever since Fail left....lol
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