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  1. Hey dickhead? how goes it fuckface? When are we going out for that beer invited you for many times pussy?? I just wanna talk to a Internet pussy face to face instead of hiding behind you're keyboard. Atikonnuts Ontario where they sniff gasoline and drink aftershave and Ontario tax payers builds housing for free.
  2. Ahh if it isn't the fat bastard , u could miss a meal or two to find ur dick. Kinda hard when ur a pussy follower . I feel sorry for u. Never a leader, always a follower
  3. Ahh little fuck tard red head hsr gotcha douche bag what a douche u are im throwing the line out everywhere and you're taking the bait u pathetic fuck head wah wah wah, I gotta check every site to were he's posting next ?? Paranoid fuck get a life u troll
  4. Make a new thread Andrew and we'll chat their . Steve and Chris have no balls anyways
  5. Look at the red head fucktard go me and you gotta go out for a beer Steve love to hear all ur back stabbing story's how u hate everyone but suck their balls on hcs
  6. Listen fucktard coward hcs s is for mental fucktards and everyone knows it . Facebook sites rule, yours is like a cum dumpster for fucktards with disabilities join the Facebook sites we're u have to use ur real name Steve B .Tons of sled sites on Facebook but ur not on any of them???? Coincidence??? I think not. I know u won't cuz ur a coward fucktard that needs to hide in hcs using ur small penis ban hammer were u rule. You're pathetic i dont see mental mango on Facebook sites either??
  7. Your a fuckin idiot you live on the net in you're internet fanatasy that you really mean something have at er steve
  8. You could be an admin on hcs if u qualify
  9. Bet the red headed fag can't go one day without posting a reply hi Steve
  10. Oh look, another hcs fag that's on the Internet forums daily with no life
  11. Your a red headed back stabbing fucktard that lives on Internet forums. Nice fantasy life you got there douch . i guess the wife giving it to you with the strap on at night isn't fullfiling enough for you that you troll every forum . Gotta feel like a man somewhere and I guess the forums are for you time to go back to hot cum suckers forum were your the top sucker
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