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  1. Fuck, we have Orville redenbacher for a premier. And she's gay with children. Imagine that,lol All that liberal fucktard does is raise taxes, creates government jobs only. Oh Ya, she just taxed a tax. Now back to the American gong show. Fuck me , you guys are screwed with your choices.
  2. Your in Manitoba, so you don't count,lol Joking man. Anything is better then the liberals though.
  3. http://m.startribune.com/arctic-cat-loses-10-6-million-in-second-quarter/388669831/ Cats been in trouble since 2012. Seems they can't get it together, over stocked dealers, bad atv's, can't make a profit on clothing,the list goes on.
  4. And we all gotta watch this shit until November.
  5. I'm so sick of seeing the politics of America on our news let alone CNN and fox. Fawk this shit is sickening. Just elect one of those dipshits already. Not a bash against Americans, just your politics We just elect a bullshitting liar and get it over with
  6. Nope. Wrong!! Another company had rider forward before that yellow snot Bucket.
  7. skiddo cant design/invent anything on their own . thats well known. looks good on them
  8. I got the heated shield on mine and it works just fine .
  9. Maybe it might happen to puzzle?? Maybe he with get diagnosed with a terminal disease and one of us can start a thread "Puzzleboy won't be down for breakfast"
  10. We don't do Barrie or Huntsville, to populated with city fucktards that don't know how to ride. And if we do go, it's Monday to Thursday and gone.
  11. I like doing the 200-250 mile range and make it enjoyable and fun. It's not all about what mileage u get in one day? Although there are days when we have to haul ass and get 350+ miles.
  12. Barrie's full of cops and Toronto faggots.
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