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  1. The worlds most boring man, maybe they will,do a tap water commercial using you.
  2. Short shit is a bog fucking pussy. All talk.
  3. Looks to me like all the fags from team butt plug are here and crying again.
  4. Because you would look like a total asshole. You know it. Really buddy you belong over at team butt plug, not here.
  5. Hey short shit, go to hcs and be a mod there, your desperation to ban someone could be fulfilled.
  6. Could, PR it could drop down to twenty...just like a weather forecast, nobody knows what the markets will do.
  7. Backmwhen you rode a Yamaha venture. How you ever continued on in the sport after that is a mystery...demo ride on a real sled perhaps?
  8. Are you referring to constant disparaging remarks levied towards my wife and child, or the still ongoing shit about me having a stroke?
  9. Look at the cry baby coming back and doing exactly what brought down the other site. Too bad shortstop and ckf will not allow themselves to be drawn into your whining and crying. So I guess it is back to team butt plug for the faggotmthat posts as doos. As for Momo, he is a fucking useless pile of steaming shit with a face, a face with cancer growing all over it. No wonder it is afraid to post a picture.
  10. I recall we had a vehicle on the trail way up at the top. After discussion at the district level it was deemed as a road open to vehicles just like many other roads such as the same trail north of pine falls that is sometimes plowed. The end result was there was really nothing we could do.
  11. You are a partisan hack. Always have been one and most likely will continue. Even hacks get it right once in a while. You blindly support the right wing, and at times the right side of the aisle is bang on correct. But, and this is a big one, even when they are wrong, and very wrong, you support them and fail to criticize. That is what makes a hack a hack.
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