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  1. My brother sold his place here earlier in the spring thinking for what they sold for, they could find something around here to buy with no issues......they were wrong and ended up buying a nice place in NB instead. Huge move for them to the East coast, but it is hard not to look at that. He was telling that when he was getting insurance set up on things the agent mentioned most of the people he is setting up with new insurance policies are from Ontario!
  2. The market is just nuts.....we have been shopping as well and some places are going 100 to 200k over asking.....last place we actually were able to place an offer, because there was not a preemptive bid, there were 10 or 11 offers on the table.....went for just over 100K above asking. Same mind set, if it is meant to be, it will happen....not forcing it
  3. I am wondering if you are being funny or serious about this.....but if you are serious, the seat I am buying is a LinQ 1+1 seat that fits a Ski-Doo, comes with a new 2-person seat, backrest, handles and brackets, I do not think it will fit a Poo though.
  4. I am not really worried about my daughter, she is not one to fall asleep.....my son on the other hand, always used to fall asleep, but I think he has finally grown out of it. Now it is about making sure they hang on and feel comfortable doing so.
  5. Thanks....that is a reassuring I am going to see how it goes, do not want to have any issues or accidents.
  6. I’m not sure yet how it’ll be with them behind me, so far only been in front and not ideal anymore that they are bigger. We will see how they and I feel with them behind, with a back rest and handles to hang on too, I’m thinking all will be good, but we’ll see.
  7. She is 8 and he turns 7 this week. Usually take them on Simcoe for shorter rides, this year was the first year my son didn’t fall asleep. So planning on taking them further north where I normally ride now that I think they are old enough and will have a 1+1 seat on the new ride, so that’ll make it easier and more comfortable for everyone.
  8. Had a decent year, would have preferred more miles, but the miles I did put on, were great and for the most part, pretty good conditions all things considered . Always feel like I am missing something when no out of town trips are done through the season. Cannot wait for next season though for two reasons, finally planning to bring my kids on some day trips with me, possibly longer, see how it goes with them and have a new sled on order!
  9. x3....shitty news, also wishing for brighter days ahead. @irv- Need to get out and enjoy what you can, when you can......no excuses. You have sleds, trailer, money & time - get'er done! Otherwise, just an awesome year to have sold them, crazy market.....basically had my sled sold in less than a day a week or so ago, and for a lot more than I would have imagined, just nuts.
  10. I am suggesting list it higher now privately to see if it sells and than fall back on the trade in on the new sled if it does not sell privately......not being used, nothing to lose, only possible gains.
  11. Why not than just list the DOO now than and fall back on the trade in if it does not sell?
  12. Is she done than? How about the Cat and Doo?
  13. That’s right, you weren’t or didn’t buy a trail pass. Did you end up buying? I hear the forest is pretty good as well and starting to pack the secondary trails.
  14. Well, someone gots to pay the bills....
  15. George, Where did you end up riding? Taking the B103 North of you was not in good enough shape?
  16. This is good info, & question to ask, given the environment right now. Reading that people are suggesting they have been told to turn around, but as stated, that is not allowed or what has been communicated by the government.
  17. Great for him!! .....who would have thought some crazy sledder from Gravenhurst would own his own helicopter biz!
  18. Nah, Glen went/goes by Diesel93 (???) and I see him posting on the Snowcrest Riders Facebook page, so it is not him.....and last I recall his son Denver was in BC living his dreams of riding the powder in the winter and flying helicopter in the off season, but that was a few years ago! I think Doonut (that died) name was Sean, he had a daughter if I am not mistaken (that was also on the old FS forum), owned a mechanic's shop & had a really, really nice speed boat!
  19. I believe that was Doonut that died, I think "TheOtherDoonut" is still around (I hope I am correct).....maybe just not on the forums all that much......
  20. Steering effort is so easy on this chassis that you can use your fingers to steer. Ugliest sled ever made but rides and handles great.....thick skin required.... Just do not get it stuck or attempt any riding in deeper snow, sinks like a ship.
  21. Agreed....just lip service! I would even go as far to say trails might show unavailable when they are, perhaps even more so this year than usual, but that is nothing new really, after all it still takes a volunteer/person to make the update happen.
  22. So stating the correct political answer that goes along with what the province is saying, I get that.....but realistically putting the words into action & enforcing them on the trails will be a challenge for the clubs that groom the trails that go between regions stopping people from going from one to the other. All of Ontario will be locked down as of Dec 26, however even in the "lock down", sledding is allowed, so wait for some Yellow trails, go out, ride and enjoy yourself! Bigger challenges might be finding snow, a place to stay or eat. https://www.ofsc.on.ca/category/ne
  23. Over $2,000 of it, why not.....it is the same as cash being stolen, but I imagine Cdn Tire would follow the same method as Visa or MC, which the triangle card is a credit card with there points tied to it, so investigate, if no foul play, reimburse. Going to take at least a month or more before you hear anything though.
  24. All stores have a camera system and there primary focus is the registers and returns desk, so they know the store and time the card was used, so just a matter of checking the footage to try and ID the person. Most retails stores also have camera's in the lots now too for liability, so there might be footage there too with car, license plate, etc.....
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