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  1. FWIW I run a bottle of Techron in each sled a couple times a season, same for Sierra,Terrain, and Mustang https://www.techron.com/
  2. Power wise, It reminds me of the 700's I had. Accelerates hard. The only thing I don't like is the narrowness of the seat front. That's personal preference. Maybe if I didn't ride the tank, and pulled my handlebars back, instead of so far forward, the seat would be a non issue. Fuel consumption is on par with my 850. I think the 650 could go down as a legendary motor for Polaris , like the original 700 BB has. As far as fuel goes, where I ride I always get 91 non ethy, pretty much from the same stations all the time in the last 20 plus years. No problems yet. Luck?
  3. Not a snocross fan, so that's why I ask. Was attendance dwindling?
  4. Agree if a tilt. If drive on/off more quides and matts needed
  5. Somehow your math comes across for a very short trailer?
  6. Agreed. Bought all my guides and matts at Milwaukee show October 17, for my 2018 Triton 12 foot Prestige. . The deal then was 10% 0ff and free shipping to my house. Can't imagine that now
  7. That was a great motor. Had several of them in F100's and 150's
  8. Being born in 1955 I could be considered a boomer. I prefer classic
  9. Shameful way to treat a classic truck
  10. I remember the Cat guys using them. Simple but efective
  11. Polaris too in the 550 fanner. This year also I think?
  12. Got a couple of them yet. One for Mikuni, one for Khein. Not sure what toolbox they are in though
  13. The Kawi was liquid cooled, more of a touring bike. The CBX more exotic, more a screamer. And i am a Kawi guy.
  14. I had the red 83 GPZ750 brand new. What brand aftermarket bottom half fairing is that? I think the one I bought in 83 was by Targa. It was different that what you have
  15. It's more of a case of, anyone that tries, she will complain to adim, then, timeouts or bans. I'm still there, because I enjoy it, and do feel there is some sled help there. If only the tech info/help here could be on the level HCS Polaris board used to be. Just my 2 cents worth
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