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  1. I'll stick with the original Doo modular. Been wearing them since 2003. I can put them on or take off with out taking my gasses off. Can't do that with the Oxygen. The fancy bells and whistles I don't need
  2. Thanks, Doug. That campground looks fun.
  3. I think I have asked this before. Is this K&M on the east of North 51 just before a exit? Also not far from a big campground on the west side of 51, that has a lot of inflatables in their pond?
  4. Why not a studded Cobra 1.35?
  5. That XC600 SP color combo is a good looking sled.
  6. racerdave

    650 owners

    Then you should have 20-36 oem
  7. racerdave

    650 owners

    I thought you didn't care for Storm tracks?
  8. Bought new a 10 IQ 800, 12 Pro R SWB 800, 15 Ax SWB 800, left over 15 600sp, 19 XC850, 20 XC850 137, 21 Matryx 650 Launch 129. Never once seen a golden ticket
  9. You will need them on the Matryx.
  10. Used on Edges and Gen 2 Polaris. Maybe others. Good shape. I small yellow dot missing off left side guard. $40 shipped Priority Mail, to lower 48 states.
  11. These were used on my 2015 Indy ProR. Could be used on others brands, $36.00 shipped to lower 48 states. Mounts only. Paypal ok if you pay fee's.
  12. Not worth it to me. Same for the fancy smancy shocks. That's why I bought the Launch last year vs the VR. Too each his own.
  13. I did that airbox hole on my Pro R. AXYS to much for me.I just put that hose on the nipple the plastic straw goes into, no plastic straw used
  14. If you fog it is best to get a long thin rubber hose that you can get into the transfer ports, the squirt you fogging oil, get's to the crank bearing better. JMOP
  15. Monday the 1st and early Tuesday the 2nd was very good around Arbor Vitae, Sayner,Boulder,Mani Waters. Came home Wednesday the 3rd due to the worm up.
  16. Chris, If you buy a 650 and go into it accepting it isn't a topend sled, but a very good trail sprint sled, you will be happy. JMO
  17. Treating old customers special? That is bullshit, cause it don't happen
  18. For me the Matryx seat sucks. I like to ride forward and the narrow dirtbike type seat has no support. I know many will say it is made that way for aggressive riders. That does not change my opinion, that I am entitled to, and several others that don't like it. Otherwise it is a good sled. 650 is strong off the bottom and through the midrange. I still prefer my XC850 137, which I have not rode yet this year.
  19. Midwest Dyno in Joliet, IL, made a few triples from the 550 Kawasaki Interceptor motors.
  20. Thanks Chris,.....................................................maybe??
  21. Can you put marks on each gear and the chain, when it is loose or tight, to see if it always happens at your marks? Sounds like a tweaked shaft though.
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