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  1. sorry to hear. i work for a powersports shop, and i only ride mountain bikes and sleds. but i work on and test drive everything. i recently worked on and drove an rzr 1000. i know there are faster out there, but this thing was unreal. i had so much fun driving it, but it made me think. this thing is dangerous. felt real capable, but if things went wrong it would be bad. i came back grinning, i enjoyed the thing but felt it deserved respect. i'm sorry you lost a friend, and sorry for the family as well. we'll all ride together again someday...
  2. https://people.com/home/bernie-sanders-summer-home/ first sentence Bernie Sanders has officially relocated from the campaign front to the waterfront.
  3. exactly. went down in the 3rd round and walked away
  4. eminent domain coming right up. maybe some water moccasins will flow right with it
  5. my buddy just tried to off his f250 , they offered him 38k but wanted 42k for an f150. his diesel is mint. i asked what year the f150 was. he said 2016 with 80k. run don't walk!
  6. i work at a gmc dealer. we have little to no trucks. every other dealer is adding 5k to the sticker, as if it's not stupid already. we have not done that. your good customers will remember you fucking them when the chips were down. used stuff is ridiculous. no trades coming in, auction getting retail for shit that needs work. it's been tough. service is banging but the lack of parts is hurting that as well. we have had 2 yukons come in, one flew from florida and one from maine to buy them. cheap enough to buy a plane ticket since the others are adding 5k.
  7. probably had to remove all the mirrors in his house
  8. well maybe that time they ran out of trophies for everyone.
  9. well first of all i was just talking about stern. trump just comes up. i have no idea what trump did or didn't do . it was a requirement for stern to show it . maybe trump didn't have to? who cares what they make or have anyway
  10. dems are gonna be pissed. lost 50 votes in one swipe!
  11. trump at least had the balls to actually become president. stern has no intention of running for anything
  12. yup just a bag of hot air https://www.nytimes.com/1994/08/05/nyregion/for-stern-it-s-balk-radio-he-ends-bid-for-governor.html
  13. now the douchebag is talking about a presidential run in 2024. don't forget he flapped his jaws about running before and put the brakes on when he had to show his income. just another hollywood windbag that gets more press than he deserves.
  14. sounds like 2 of a kind. he should have left with her. wouldn't be in the spot he is now
  15. plus the fact that he isn't going anywhere. just flapping his jaws to seem relevant
  16. you forgot to tell him to kill himself!
  17. a step in the right direction. this piece of shit can take his shit music with him and leave! no loss to us at all, just another cry baby taking his toys and leaving the sand box https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/billie-joe-armstrong-green-day-us-citizenship-roe-v-wade
  18. trump is toast. seems like i have heard that before, followed by the idea that there was iron clad evidence, still haven't met the whistleblower, and russia russia russia.
  19. after yesterday's heat i am ready for fall. all the good shit comes in the fall, as well as leading up to sledding. we have a local farm called story farms, awesome farm stand , sweet corn is amazing. local folks too, used to ride the school bus with them
  20. well here in the good old northeast our sweet corn is out of this world! rigid can back me up on that for sure
  21. advil and shit in the convenience store
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