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  1. Ya I'm all done too. Too tired to keep up. Between hcs mod attacks and the not so nice welcomes here with certain members. Time to take the high road and hang it up. I'll be 45 on Monday. Old man needs to focus on being an old man!! And go home good bye
  2. That dollar bill you carry in your wallet that men gave there all so you had the right to carry it. You better rethink the way you think. You don't have the right to rethink what was already thought
  3. well herd in the USA we believe and if you choose not to give me all your money cause it says in god we trust. There's a reason for that and if you don't think so your a tyrant
  4. Fact of the matter is, people who are living debt free are happiest, no ifs and or buts about it. Debt free=happiness=freedom=hapinesss=debtfree. it took me many life lessons to wrap this around my skull. But it finally sank in. Once you start living like a bad ass, you don't look back. You live happy
  5. I can you guys one thing for sure when it comes to religion. My top friends, you could bet me millions of dollars what my top 5 friends believe and I couldn't tell you. It's never come up. I'm 45 and some of these guys go back over 3 decades. I honestly don't know, don't care. It's not even important. Non issue. My beliefs are strong, but it doesn't run my life
  6. i like diversivity in my life plus I think my kids are getting the best of both worlds. Mom doesn't think it is, dad does. Interesting enough I believe the children 1 boy 1 girl are taking the road to reason that therre is a higher power. Near as I can tell
  7. Seriously, I'm a lifelong Lutheran married to a life long atheists. Not an easy road
  8. non athiest get more pussy, that's a fact athiest will tell lies
  9. weak minds think alike and look at you two
  10. Well the atheists have always been weak players on these forums. They come out strong but the next thing you know they have a duplicate account and are causing trouble again. Rob hated it
  11. prerty darn good results year after year after year it's fun to root for green, I actually think cat has faster race sleds and that's why the better riders/teams choose them
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