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  1. Just imagine the croneyism they’ll be involved in . You think it’s bad now? Just wait
  2. So freeland wants to completely reshape our economy on hopes and dreams?
  3. Imagine if fail is actually this stupid lol
  4. Yeah if they think they’ll pick up support right now they’ll call an election fagmeet is a loser though
  5. Not sure why you bother with the burned out loser
  6. NDP might not support Trudeau anymore
  7. RCMP considering WE corruption investigation
  8. Fail needs some milk. In a drink box water bottle sorta thing
  9. Remember when Trudeau said he’d have an honest and transparent government? hes probably the worst I’ve ever seen
  10. Why do you guys even bother to reply to fail. All he does is lie and he’s so burnt out it’s unreal Trudeau could shit in his mouth and he would brag about how good it tastes
  11. Who woulda thought that a Trudeau would be crooked
  12. What in the fuck is she even saying
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