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  1. Are you subscribing to the conspiracy theory that the US wasn’t funding gain of function research in China?
  2. Wouldn’t Biden making the decision to attack an ally without an act of Congress both illegal and unconstitutional? and it seems both sides are to blame because it’s crickets from both of them
  3. Do you like that the US did a terrorist attack on German infrastructure?
  4. Why should China be held solely responsible when the US government was funding it?
  5. We’re all going to die from Covid unless you take a vaccine that doesn’t really work and wear toilet paper over your nose and no the government didn’t create the virus LIES
  6. That’s the thing. I’ve been had by the media before. At least I’ll admit to it. They got me on WMD’s but at least I could admit that I was had and it made me more cynical. And the more cynical I became the more I realized that I was being lied to a lot. like russiagate or the Chinese spy balloon. Lies, lies, lies
  7. I think it’s even higher than that now
  8. They’re like yes the government lied to me but it’s in our best interest and you’re an asshole for pointing it out!
  9. These fags are mad at me for telling them that the government lied to them what a pile of faggot cucks
  10. My 2020 RR 800 was around $13,700 new and two years later they went up like 5 grand
  11. If government daddy made the virus it’s for the best! You just don’t understand!! Government daddy knows all!
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