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  1. And the alt left will cheer this as they hide under their beds, clinging to their binkeys
  2. Remember when the anti science alt left thought they could stop a cold by staying home for two weeks
  3. And Biden was pushing them so hard to approve it two people quit
  4. Yeah. They were warned that they could be turning the vaccinated into not only super spreaders but variant factories. It’s actually one of the things they usually study during a typical vaccine approval process.
  5. I wonder if the fear cult still thinks that everyone must get this medical procedure
  6. Next we will learn it’s actually the vaxxed that are spreading it to the unvaxxed
  7. The approval was smoke and mirrors The Pfizer is not approved. If it were, the rest of the vaccines would not be allowed to be used under an EUA.
  8. Imagine being so stupid that you think that everyone needs an experimental medical treatment even if the treatment is worse than the illness for many people to the virus cult to suggest that when they’re doing could have any negative consequences at all is just sheer blasphemy
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