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  1. It’s wild that the left gets mad if you call Trudeau a dictator and he basically said that he wants to be one
  2. He basically bought our media so they will only put out what he wants problem is that our media is such shit now that less and less people will watch it so to combat it he’s trying his best to censor social media and apparently now he’s going to go after podcasts
  3. Bet none of the leftists here have an issue with regulating conversations
  4. Yeah cause there wasn’t vehicles that got 20+ mpg in the 70’s fuckin moron
  5. Oh you want to have a conversation on the internet? Not without registering with the government, pal
  6. Look at how bad a D spazzes if a minority votes republican yes, democrats are racist as shit
  7. Fuck you are literally retarded
  8. Don’t you still believe in collusion?
  9. Gobbles and MC will be proud https://www.theinteldrop.org/2023/09/30/canada-government-moves-to-regulate-podcasts/
  10. You worship Mr blackface so there’s that
  11. People that know Biden say he’s literally old school KKK style racist
  12. That .5mm of sea level rise per year has you spazzing hey
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