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  1. So when they’re 2-3x better than they are now? neat
  2. 80 grand if it’s just a work truck and a 1/2 ton will do, you could get one for 35 grand give you about 200,000 miles of gas money right there
  3. We all know why you’re so triggered about it
  4. Not sure why you’d want an $80,000 paperweight
  5. Well you have to have a degree of mental illness to be a liberal. So maybe they want this
  6. Wait so if you’re towing you’ll basically spend as much time charging as driving?
  7. We can’t all sit around in our gitch all day high as a kite rambling about how great communism is
  8. They do have their place. For soy boys to drive a few miles to their job at Starbucks. They aren’t for men though
  9. And nobody is forcing you to defend a garbage can truck either yet here you are!
  10. Why is the government even involved in marriage but the alt left needs there daddy so this is what they get
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