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  1. Matt taibbi was a good choice to get to work on this Bari Weiss is an odd choice though. Total Democrat shill
  2. Neolibs actually applaud this
  3. Matt taibbi being a bit cryptic on tweeter right now causing people to speculate they found what baker was hiding
  4. They’re saying it’s possible that baker is still hiding stuff he was instrumental in creating the trump Russia hoax when he worked for the FBI
  5. Yes. But likely won’t have a junk engine
  6. Catalyst could be around 45O lbs
  7. Remember when Faggot spazzed on you for telling him this and was adamant it wasn’t true Natural immunity is more effective than vaccination The Guardian called natural immunity a “far-right conspiracy theory.” The Washington Post called natural immunity “fantasies of pure blood” at the “centerpiece for anti-vaccine ideology.” Mother Jones said that natural immunity was a “dangerous idea” promoted by “anti-vaxxers” and “fringe groups.” U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said that natural immunity is "not nearly as strong" as the vaccine. After originally insisting that vac
  8. Good deal us western white guys are basically powerless on this one. Natives could make the difference
  9. Is there something here the neolibs disagree with or are they just mad because they’re mad?
  10. It may or may not have gotten around it. That’s yet to be determined in court
  11. I think Trudeau’s net worth has gone up around 35x through all this
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