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  1. It’s fuckin child abuse. They even have to wear them in gym class here
  2. That’s kinda it… if it was still unlocked and you could get 30 more hp for $600 I think I’d be happier.. it needs that to truly run with a T cat. maybe by next season someone will have cheaper options
  3. Only way to tune it is with a $4000 replacement ECU. Get you about 230 hp. The factory ECU is locked up tight
  4. Not sure if even she can suck enough cock to pull that off
  5. The 850 boost in a crossover would be a VERY interesting sled
  6. I sold the RR. See what cat comes out with for 23 again I don’t hate the Mach and I’m sure some will Love it. But I was hoping for t cat power and it’s just not there. If you have traction it can 660’ pretty good. But if you pin it at 80 mph there’s not really much there. Honestly I’m not sure it’ll top end an 850 corners quite good.. Doesn’t mogul very great. Will bottom out without trying too hard. Premium gauge is a lot nicer than cat. But the headlights suck in comparison. active suspension does seem to work. Switching between firm and plush is nice. Cab
  7. Probably. I like the cat chassis better though
  8. Sorry if we’re in your safe space friendo
  9. Hoping a t cat if it doesn’t look like a Rubbermaid tub again or, I’d almost rather be on a 900 2 stroke with 180+ hp
  10. Next sled will probably be a cat again. The more I ride this sled the less excited I am about it. Very average machine. Not worth the money
  11. It’s unreal how mad they still are at this tbh
  12. I somehow beat that .001% chance of dying even without the covid communion!
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