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  1. We appreciate you copy/pasting memes from your QANON and Russian sites. So you are in full support of Putin's "special operation" to denazify, while also drawing direct parallels of a brutal murderous dictator bombing innocent civilians to the "struggle" of the Canadian Trucker convoy. The only simpleton here is you.
  2. Uhm.. I think that is exactly what i was eluding to.. do us all a favour and close your FS tab, and go back to your QANON and Russian propaganda sites. You are in good company supporting Putin with the likes of China, North Korea, Cuba.
  3. Where was all this conspiracy shit 3 weeks ago? All I heard was denazifying a country led by a Jewish leader and a bunch of drug addicts, that's it. Certainly all these smart people including Putin and that pathological lying sack of shit Lavrov, would know about these labs and would have sounded a lot more credible talking about it 3 weeks ago. Now suddenly after 3 weeks of hobbling around bombing there are all kinds of new reasons to be there coming to light. Not saying I don't disagree with US/NATO not being innocent or Biden being weak. They are essentially sacrificing Ukraine for t
  4. I'm quite surprised by this too. Not sure how anyone living in north America can throw one word of support behind what Putin is doing in Ukraine. Just goes to show you there are a lot of uneducated dumb fucks living here. There is probably lots of good back country sledding in Russia perhaps some of these guys should grab a few q anons and some truckers and go live under Putin in Russia.
  5. I heard he was doing his famous Abe Lincoln impersonation.
  6. Seriously though you have to wonder what these guys are thinking, you are the Premiere of Ontario. "Girls, I'm the Premiere and sure as shit one of the Wynne supporter neighbours is going to take pictures and we will be on the 6 o'clock news. Can we hold off for a few weeks, I just barely got everyone to believe the bullshit story about me going to check the plumbing when you invited me up to the cottage for Easter."
  7. "All for one and one for all" "We are all in this together"
  8. Doubt he was the only one there, I spotted the "DECOTOR" plate on the white Escalade that Thursday night at the Orillia Costco. Unless maybe he was taking turns checking the plumbing with his brother? Not that I care personally, as I have been living at my "cottage" for the past two months. But we usually spend all kinds of time up here anyways to the point most people think we live here.
  9. Yes everyone deserves a "raige" .
  10. Ok, but it's been two weeks since he said they would get to 19,000 tests per day and they can't even get to that. Just now he was asked about it and was saying he can only yell so much, he claims he has no control over the public health people? So the premier has no control over the departments in his own province? There is going to be a huge revolt soon against all of the BS and failure to act. Handing out money is not the solution, the economy needs to start moving sooner than later or there will be major fallout.
  11. He may as well wear a red suit at this point. lol Where is the testing? How can Canada's richest province not be able to test everyone in huge numbers? They can't even talk about re-opening because they still have no clue what is really happening since they don't test anybody.
  12. I can't stand seeing this guy speak on television. He is such a hypocrite and has a such a double standard. He wants to ticket people in parks and went on TV making such a huge deal about 10 gamers lining up for a video game. But the city goes and accommodates Vesuvio's Pizza closing down and encourages long lines of idiots lining up for their last pizza by setting up pylons so 10s of idiots can repeatedly line up for their last essential pizza. Then to top it off he goes and has a parade for first responders where the very people who are surrounded by Covid-19 minutes before the photo com
  13. I'm surprised it has not been discussed here, but what's going on with this cottage reno.. 8 million to reno a cottage? I guess that's a deal compared to the 25m or so they are quoting for 24 Sussex. I'm pretty sure you you can tear both places down and rebuild them for less than 8 million in real world dollars. I guess the federal govt has brain surgeons working as contractors who have tools forged from solid gold? Wtf could possibly cost that much..
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