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  1. And our great PM emerged from the meeting with his knees scuffed!!! What a twit..... LOL
  2. Find a local club and support them!
  3. Unless you went to school 100 years ago, everyone should get the correct answer!
  4. Thanks for sharing this story. Finally.....something that actually makes sense !!!!! Enough of the rhetoric.
  5. kimzrcc

    OFSC Trail Pass

    Was just on the website. Still down.
  6. Uniformed officers should NOT be taking part in the parade. As part of security, Absolutely. Wear their Association T-shirt if they want. And, charge those that are committing Indecent acts. Main stream media seem to show less now , but the stuff that goes on is PATHETIC. What you do in your own home is NONE of my business, in public is a different story. BTW, don't live in the GTA, Hope Never have to! The only good thing about GTA is seeing it in your rear view mirror as you are leaving!
  7. As long as the forecast comes thru this year .... Yes, open garage door and GO! About 1/2 mile from trail.
  8. kimzrcc


    That's not Grand Bend!!!! But I'll keep the secret! Been able to use your drone much lately? Looks like some fun.
  9. Don't post a lot but glad all was not lost.
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