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  1. I had a couple firecats, raced one w the 020 box on it and my trail piece was a nightfire, stock year one, et900 w a touch of spray after that.. Sled rocked but I haven't rode one in years now and always wonder what it would be like throwing a leg over again.. Meh I'll keep my turbo lol
  2. Im in Niagara, I'd give it a go for 50. I w pm my number to text if you ever come my way.. I have a bv2s was thinking if trying an open guess this is a good tester although I wear a large so come to think of it probably wont fit dang it
  3. Has anyone ever put a microfurnace or comparable heater in a clamshell trailer to defrost your sled? Not to work on jist to melt snow and slush off..
  4. Do I rip trail pass off and keep original paperwork to replace?
  5. Ok I am officially looking for a mission hybrid need a dealer near Niagara ish....
  6. Leaning towards hybrid over clamshell wheres best pricing
  7. I heard the same about d+d..wow
  8. firecatguy

    Birch point

    Are they still a cat dealer?
  9. I called the ofsc and left a voicemail...I tried emailing through the link and no luck
  10. Im trying to get ahold of anyone that can help me to see if there is availability on the Sunday and have yet been able to reach a human...
  11. Didnt think i needed to elaborate this much but looks like everyone seems to be painting me as anti-club so here it goes.. -I live in Niagara so local club eh... - I support and have a cottage in almaguin district and have friends and ride with people in the club and was told nothing planned and they have heard nothing.. -I saw a news clip which looked to me like it was available online and this I think being a snowmobile forum seemed like a place I would seek clarification -I only get my daughter Sunday to Wednesday compounding the issue of finding a course that is usually
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