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  1. Well considering I bought this wrecked and that's the spot that got damaged, that's the brace I added.
  2. Doorider

    dont fuck with this dude

    I don't think any human could kill a full grown one with their bare hands. Yes this one was a youngster, just still 80 lbs of muscle.
  3. Doorider

    Ford job cuts

    Link? Ford numbers lump all F series together where others doesn't. Of course when you compare all F series to just the Silverado or Ram it's going to show a lot more sales.
  4. I believe that guy is a professional motocross racer
  5. Doorider

    Yay winter!

    Did close to 600 miles last week. Western UP has plenty
  6. Doorider

    Gm lose government subsidy

    With only 3 different models, that's impressive! Fucking Cadillac sucks!
  7. Doorider

    Gm lose government subsidy

    2.28 0-60 time with over 300 miles of range... I'll drink up
  8. Doorider

    Gm lose government subsidy

    Model S after 160k miles still averages less than 9% battery degrade. So there goes that theory. They can't make enough model 3s to keep up with orders, yet you say no one is buying them?
  9. Doorider

    Doo S and E Modules...SMH

    I know, it's a fine line. This will help with minor hits, but a big hit it's just going to transfer to the E module.
  10. Doorider

    Doo S and E Modules...SMH

    You're right, I said I think that's the better way. That's just my opinion though. I also followed that by saying it needs to be stronger. I like the idea, but it shouldn't bend in soft crashes.
  11. Doorider

    Doo S and E Modules...SMH

    I said earlier, I think they should be stronger. Here's how I rebuilt mine.
  12. Doorider

    Doo S and E Modules...SMH

    I never said which philosophy is better. I'm just saying from an engineering standpoint why they do it that way. I will say it being so expensive to fix a doo is why I bought a 2017 with 500 miles on $4000! $1500 in parts and it's back to brand new.
  13. Doorider

    Doo S and E Modules...SMH

    Right, but the difference is he was able to drive it home. If that module doesn't bend, you break off an A arm and your stuck. Things either bend or break in a wreck, the question is which is better. Doo went with bend and drive home instead of break and walk, but at a cost of more expense.