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  1. Doorider

    2019 Master's

    How about the guy that beat $85k on Tiger to win, that's just fucking nuts!
  2. Doorider


    From my experience cops have their radar on about 5% of the time or less. Many you see don't even do traffic violations. So Waze telling you where cops are isn't that helpful
  3. Doorider


    I love my Valentine 1. Saved me many times. Cops on my my street will just you for 47 in a 40.
  4. Doorider

    Gaping nerds

    Is 80 miles a big day for you? Tell me it doesn't take you a whole day to ride 80 miles lol
  5. Doorider

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    Have you been in public lately 🤣 I'd say about 0.001% of women are this hot.
  6. Most people don't drive 300 miles a day. I see it a pain for people in apartments or in the city, but if you have a garage at home, range will not be an issue. Like your cell phone, plug in at night, good to go in the morning. If I had to always go to a charging station I wouldn't consider one.
  7. 300+ miles of range and able to charge at 75 miles in 5 minutes seems pretty close to being there already. For people like myself, being able to charge in my garage overnight is all I need.
  8. Total parts, not just the engine / motor. Have to factor in transmissions, differentials, fuel pumps etc.
  9. A Tesla has less than 150 total moving parts. A typical car has over 10,000. Which looks like the better design?
  10. Combustion engines, no matter the fuel are still very complex and inefficient. Yes batteries need more improvements, but electric is the future like it or not. For me, I like the idea of one moving part instead of... Pistons, crank shafts, cams, injectors, spark plugs, fuel pumps, oil pumps, oil filters, alternators, water pumps, belts, hoses, radiators, mufflers, catalytic converters, transmissions, differentials, etc etc etc....
  11. The new V3 chargers get you 75 miles in just 5 minutes. It will take a while before those are abundant, but the rate tesla is going it won't be long.
  12. In my area, I can't drive anywhere without passing multiple Teslas. I'm contemplating shopping for a used 75D here soon. Wife and I put about 400 miles a week on my BMW, but never drive it on road trips. A car I can plug in at night and be fast as shit would be great.