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  1. Doorider

    Last 4 years are the world’s hottest

    So they studied 168/4,543,000,000 years? I'd jump to conclusions too 🤣
  2. Doorider

    Quickest cars of 1970

    Camry's and Accord 's have the same 0-60 times as these "muscle cars" 🤣
  3. Doorider

    Snow Tires for Daughters Lexus

    Blizzacks make my rwd BMW handle great in the snow. It's amazing the difference running those over an all season tire. Without them I can't get that car up my driveway if there is snow on the ground
  4. Doorider

    Sea level rises are unprecedented

    Land moving and water levels rising are not the same thing..... you have fossils of marine life at the top of mountains, nothing to do with melting ice
  5. Doorider

    Is it time to break up amazon?

    After this year's prime membership is done, no more. Not worth $120
  6. Doorider

    Is it time to break up amazon?

    Fuck Amazon anymore. I find things cheaper on Ebay and I still get it in a couple days. I search for stuff on Amazon and read the reviews, then search elsewhere. What's funny is I've got packages I've bought cheaper on Ebay come in Amazon packaging.
  7. Put a loaded gun in every mailbox, have the cops leave all together. The situation will resolve itself
  8. Doorider

    Another fuck the NFL thread.

    This is why I record ever game I want to watch and start watching about an hour after it starts.
  9. She's 87 for fuck sake. Even if she came at you, you can walk faster than she can run. Walk around for 30 seconds until she's too tired to keep coming at you. And a taser can be deadly for people with heart conditions and fucking 87 year olds!
  10. Doorider

    2019 BRP Oxygen Helmet

    Not sure the real point of the pads. I never used them. Rest stops I put my mask over the exhaust vent. Time to ride my mask is bone dry and warm!
  11. Doorider

    2019 BRP Oxygen Helmet

    Love my mod 3. Never once fogged up. You get used to the mask, I've had the modular since they came out. Had versions 1, 2 and now 3.
  12. Doorider

    Thai kids trapped in cave

    I read it's 11 hours round trip for the drivers! They are running out of oxygen, so not looking good.